Family Organization: 7 Apps, Websites, and Online Tools for Busy Moms

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I am the last person who should be writing this post. But you know what they say: The teacher learns the most. And, I definitely need to do a little learning on the topic of organization.

My husband, @troypattee, has pretty much put me on a grocery shopping moritorium. I haven't been to Costco alone in years. I am a sucker for "great deals." And, I have lots of dishes and oversized bottles of Olive Oil to prove it. Can you relate?

But, one thing that has helped us get organized when it comes to groceries is and their online grocery shopping list and accompanying mobile app. All I have to do is make my list online and it syncs real time with the mobile app. Whenever Troy happens to be at the store (click here to see why he wears the shopping pants in our family), he can immediately see what we need and what to buy.

This was a recent find that I'm super thrilled about, because of what it has done for our family organization in the area of grocery shopping.

Apps, Websites, and Online Tools to Organize Your Family

Because of how helpful Cozi has been, I got to thinking of other online resources that have helped organize our family's lives. Here are some I recommend:

  • Google: I know! It sounds simple, but google's calendar has changed our lives. I have three color-coded calendars: one for personal/family, one for my Mom It Forward work, and one for the evo Conference I co-organize. I especially love the calendar sharing feature, which allows you to share each calendar with different people. I have my husband copied on all three so he knows my plans for the week. The great thing about Google is that it interfaces with other calendaring systems, like
  • This is a great site, allowing you to store all important family data like health, education, and even car maintenance records.
  • Have you ever forgotten your password? Try this site. It stores them all for you and you only to remember one for all of your accounts. Is that awesome or what? Love this!
  • My Job Chart: This is a fabulous online chore chart with built in incentives. It is great at helping organize your family's chores and is fun for kids.
  • Apps for Moms: If you want a one-stop shop to find great apps for moms sorted by category, like this one from called Dinner Spinner, check out Apps for Moms, which directs you to a variety of apps for every need.
  • Pinterest: I'm convinced that the whole world has started cooking more and doing more crafts since the invention of Pinterest. As a busy mom, I love this visual bookmarking site because it allows me to store recipes, parenting tips, craft ideas, and more by category. So, when I need a quick dessert to take to a Christmas party or a gift for my kids' teachers, all I have to do is go to my page and check out my pins and voila! Instant information.

What apps, websites, and online tools help keep your family organized?

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