Finding Time to Date Your Partner: Easy or Impossible? What’s the Answer?

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Are you in a partnership where you have to schedule your private time together?

As an entrepreneur married to a fireman, who works 24 hour shifts, I can relate to any couple that has to strategically plan their time together. Especially when you throw two children in the equation.

For me and my husband, we make time just like any other couple I suppose. There are times, more like weeks, when we don't. And then there are times, like evenings, when we do.

I won't lie, it's never easy. Even as your kids get older and you think their independence will free up some time, you realize you've moved from Safety Manager to Chauffeur in 6 months flat!


Top 6 Tips to Dating Your Partner

So what are ways to combat time and other constraints that are put on your relationship so you an actually date your partner? Here's six I recommend:

  1. Be spontaneous. If you see an opening in your evening, grab it! You know you couldn't have orchestrated that if you tried! Take advantage while you can.
  2. Commit to something fancy a few times a year. It never hurts to get dressed up and be social! We attend the local Trouts Unlimited Auction and Dinner every year. It's a wonderful way to remember that we are adults, even if we do have children. It also gives me something to look forward to when I'm frustrated by our lack of couple time.
  3. Define date. Do you need a few ground rules? No cell phones, except the sitter? No hot topic talk? Compliment each other at least once through the evening? Nothing can squash that time you set aside to reconnect like negativity.
  4. Make the time sacred. No matter what, the time set aside for the date is strictly that, date time. Short of children in the ER or a natural disaster, the date time will be honored!
  5. Allow for date times at different times of the day than you're used to. My husband surfaces at home around 10:30 a.m. when coming off shift. Sometimes we have our date as a brunch while the kids are in school, or when he walks in late from training we'll have a late dinner together.
  6. Don't worry about budget. Many of my friends have confessed they can't afford to go out on a date. I say posh-posh! A date doesn't have to be expensive! You've climbed the biggest mountain just carving out the time to have a conversation with complete sentences, the least you can do is accept your financial standing and still spend some quality time together.

Notice what I didn't mention here? None of this "just go do this" kind of advice. Everyone is in a different place and you'll have to find the best way for your lifestyle. Sometimes finding the time is all in the perspective of the participants.

What was the last date you had with your significant other? And was it planned or sporadic?

April Welch is a Mental Clutter Expert | Mom of 2 boys | Wife to 1 Fireman | Horrible Cook | Loyal Friend | National Public Speaker who gives you permission to be imperfect.
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Mental Clutter Expert | Mom of 2 boys | Wife to 1 Fireman | Horrible Cook | Loyal Friend | National Public Speaker who gives you permission to be imperfect


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