Frugal Living: 4 Ways to Find Deals Online

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Now that the new year is upon us, there’s a good chance you’re trying to figure out ways to achieve those ambitious New Years resolutions you made in a fit of enthusiasm (I know I am). There’s also a good chance your resolutions include something about getting financially fit, which includes shopping and spending smarter.

Daily deals (think Groupon, Google Offers, and Living Social) can be a great tool to add to your savings arsenal and allow you to do more for less. As you read this post, there is a daily deal site offering a great deal on just about any item, from yoga classes and manicures to Caribbean vacations and admission to the aquarium. Before you purchase a daily deal, however, you should make sure you know how to get the most out of your deal buying process.

4 Ways to Find A Deal Online

  1. Refer coupons to friends. Any deal sites offer deals for free if you refer riends to buy the deal as well. Share the savings with your friends, make that trip to the museum with the kids a group outing and in the process you may get the whole experience for free.
  2. Stay organized with your deals by using a web tool to keep track of your daily deal purchases. Couptivate is a digital daily deal wallet that automatically stores and organizes your deals (using the same security used by banks), reminds you to redeem your deals (via email) and helps you make the best decisions about when to redeem your deals.
  3. Dig deeper into websites. Many deal sites have a family-oriented deal category, so be sure to dig deeper than simply  the deal offered on the main page of the deal site. Also check out niche deal sites geared towards kids or moms such as Plum District.
  4. Plan ahead. If you purchase a deal that requires a reservation or appointment, don’t wait until the last minute. Merchants will typically be completely booked up by other deal-purchasers in the weeks leading up to expiration of the deal voucher. However, if you use the earlier-mentioned tool, Couptivate, you can set custom reminders so you make sure you use your deal well in advance of it's expiration.

Be a smart daily deal user and you'll be able to enjoy the many rewards and great buys out there.

How are you saving money for your family? Where do you find the best deals?

Sarah Schneider is a co-founder of Being passionate about finding good deals and helping others save as well, she wanted to help consumers get the most out of daily deals and to get organized for 2012. Follow Sarah and Couptivate on twitter ( and facebook (

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