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Family Tradition: Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Men

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Who doesn't love getting together with the family for a party or to hang out? The holidays bring many opportunities to come together friends and family and do special activities. This year I wanted to start a new tradition between all our friends and some family to build gingerbread houses. I hope that, eventually as the kids grow up, it can be a competition between all of them and us, and be a tradition that can be carried on.

gingerbread house

I asked my sister-in-law and best friend if they wanted to get the families together and all decorate gingerbread houses and have cookies with the kids. Between all of us we have 8 kids. We decided to do it after dinner and I made cookies for the kids to have snack, even though I don’t know what I was thinking because they were all hyped up and crazy on candy from decorating, but the cookies were good anyhow. We ended up with three Houses to decorate and three gingerbread men.

gingerbread house  

My husband set up all the houses for us. He has it down, and I can’t ever get the house to stay standing. After the house were set, the kids were ready to decorate and eat all the candy.

Gingerbread house

My youngest nephew, Mason, was having no part in decorating. He was busy picking out what candy he was going to eat and watching his sisters decorate their gingerbread houses.

Braxten, Avery, and Makayla decorated our gingerbread men and made them look great and very festive.

Gingerbread house

My kids also each decorated houses and they were covered with candy! I wouldn’t be able to resist going in to their gingerbread houses and eating it all up.

gingerbread house


The kids all had a great time. These are the moments they will remember forever and as a tradition it will be time we can always count on together  Family is what makes life worth living and times like building gingerbread houses together and letting the kids eat candy like crazy brings our families closer together.  Next year we will be having a gingerbread contest!

 What are your family traditions during the holidays?

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