Mom It Forward Gratitude eBook


Every year after my relatives have gone and all of my holiday decorations have been put away, I reflect back on the holiday season. Sometimes I wish that I wouldn’t have spent so much time worrying about presents, or that I would have sent out my holiday cards on time, or that I would have thought more about my neighbor who was struggling. The season of giving is approaching and I have made a decision to show more gratitude, be more aware of my actions, and help those around me do this, too—not just during the holiday season, but all year long.

Mom It Forward Gratitude eBook

The Mom It Forward Gratitude eBook shares 13 fun activities and 5 helpful ways to introduce your family to the importance of gratitude and being thankful. Whether it’s handwriting thank you notes or creating a gratitude tree in your house, teaching your kids how to practice gratitude in their own lives will have positive effects on the rest of their lives.

To download our Gratitude eBook for Kids and learn more about the 13 fun and simple gratitude activities and 5 ways to teach gratitude, go "here".

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Brooke Johnson

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