Childbirth: What to do to Prepare for Delivery


As the due date draws near, it can be easy for expecting mothers to find they are becoming a little anxious. Is the overnight hospital bag packed with everything likely to be needed? Is the car gassed and ready to go at a moment's notice? Will family and friends be able to make it on time when they get the call? And, finally, is the nursery ready for baby's homecoming? Putting effort into addressing these questions early on in the pregnancy will result in a more relaxing and happier delivery day. There are plenty of resources available to help make it possible, but only if one knows where to look. 

What to do to Prepare for Childbirth

Here are some things you can do to make your childbirth experience more relaxing:

Check Lists

The check list is a standard preparation tool, and it is worthwhile to look around for one that best matches the particular situation and needs of mom-to-be. There are several available for the different areas of concern. Some cover a variety of areas without going into much detail on any one; these can be great for those who like to fill in the blanks. Others are more specific and better suited for the type of person that likes crossing out the items that don't belong. Anyone who thinks they do not need a checklist should know that doctors refer to them all the time and a list will help fulfill your ideal birthing experience.


Childbirth Classes

Childbirth classes are recommended for even experienced moms. They provide an opportunity to tour the facility and become familiar with the setting. They also give mom the opportunity to learn about things she can do to prepare and specific items to bring that aren't on the checklist. This is the time to ask questions about other optional procedures like cord blood banking, the practice of collecting and saving the umbilical cord blood stem cells in case of future need medical needs. Stem cells have the potential to help treat a number of diseases that may afflict the baby, or potentially a sibling down the road.  Childbirth classes are also the time to learn about standard procedures and the opt-out policies at the delivering facility.


Pregnancy Classes

Childbirth is about more than laying in a bed and pushing when the doctor says push. There are several skills and preparations that can make it go more smoothly. From pelvic strengthening exercises to learning how to breathe, there is always room to improve skills, and doing so will help relieve lingering doubts. Lamaze breathing classes and yoga classes designed for pregnancy are available in most locations. For those without these resources, classes may be found online. Addressing concerns, instead of suppressing them, will help make delivery day much easier.

What do you like the most about being pregnant?

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