Halloween Costumes for Moms


After spending days or weeks creating perfectly hand-crafted costumes for our children, we moms often end up going trick-or-treating in our yoga pants. If we're feeling particularly festive, we might add a witch hat to create a "costume".

This Halloween, spend a couple minutes on yourself, creating your own trick-or-treat costume. You can answer the door in your custom garb, or go around the neighborhood collecting your own pillowcase full of candy. Check out these Halloween Makeup Tips for more inspirations!

Halloween Costumes for Moms

Step out of your comfort zone - strap on some leather and add a clip-on nose ring to be a rockstar like Brittany of Pretty Handy Girl.

Rockstar Costume for Moms

When you give your child "that look", does it strike fear into their heart? Then try this DIY Medusa Costume from Morena's Corner.

Medusa Costume for Moms

Get the whole family involved in your costume ideas. Family Halloween costumes make it super easy because you can put the costumes together quickly and will be able to eliminate the stressful "what to be" decisions.

Costumed for the Whole Family - Airport Themed Costumes

If your children have a favorite show or set of characters they're dressing up as, join the fun like Carissa from Creative Green Living - at the request of her son, she made herself a Bo On the Go costume.

halloween 2012 bo on the go - bo and dezzy costumes

If you're crunched for time, you can dig into the recesses of your closet to create a totally Rad 80s Costume like this one from Jessica at Mad in Crafts.

80s costume - dress for a decade - Moms Halloween Costume Ideas

Last year, I whipped up a Ladybug costume in just 5 minutes... you can check it out over on 30 Minute Crafts.

5-Minute Ladybug Costume for Moms

No reason for you to be the only one having all the fun - get your hubby in on Halloween with a couples costume! Here, Nikki from Homemadevill and her husband are dressed up as Jeffrey and Ina Garten.

Ina and Jeffrey Garten - Couples Halloween Costume Idea

This Halloween, it may be all about the kids... but it can be (at least a little bit) about you, too! Get inspired, and make yourself a costume this year - trick or treat for your own candy instead of stealing from the kiddos after they go to bed!

What are you going to do as this Halloween?

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