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When Jyl asked me to write a post about scary movies for Halloween I laughed and laughed, and then I peed my pants.

You see, I’m a scaredy cat of the first degree; a bonafide nincompoop. I spent 120 minutes in the lap of my then boyfriend facing the opposite direction of the screen when we watched Hideaway in the theater. No hanky-panky, just serious panic. (And that movie was awful.)

So, please, take my scary movie suggestions carefully; it was your stupid idea to watch these movies in the first place.

Night of the Living Dead
You’ve never seen the original zombie movie? You should! It’s scary, but not horribly scary, and the black and white softens helps take the edge off the gore. It was originally not rated (it came out before the MPAA) but now rated R (probably be PG-13 today.)
Look! I recommend this movie! It’s very good and very scary zombie movie. The zombies run. Fast.  Rated R, for serious.

Let the Right One In

A vampire movie in Swedish! I haven’t seen this one. I’m recommending it so you’ll see it and I don’t have to. The Orphanage falls into the same category: good movies there’s not a chance I’m going to watch. Both R.

Jian Gui - The Eye

Don’t bother with the American remake, track down a copy of the original 2003 Hong Kong tale of a woman who has a cornea transplant with freaky results. Freaky! Things do not go well! Also, Ghosts! R.


I actually love this completely ridiculous story of a car who possesses her owners and whose murderous jealously knows no bounds. R.

Funny Scary Halloween Movies

Shaun of the Dead
If you haven’t seen this modern classic you’re missing out. Poor Shaun, dumped by his accomplished girlfriend, doesn’t even notice that London is undergoing a zombie apocalypse. Super funny with a little scare. Rated R.


I watched this movie reluctantly, but had to admit, it was fun. Extremely violent, funny, and sweet, if you can imagine a movie that combines all three elements.

Halloween Movies Good for Teenagers


Classic about giant worms and the people determined to battle them for control of Arizona and Kevin Bacon’s skin-tight jeans. Featuring Reba McEntire!  PG-13.

Something scary descends on Manhattan, like a modern Godzilla. PG-13.

The Birds or Psycho

You can’t go wrong with a Hitchcock movie like Both are scary without being gory. PG-13.


The other kids are mean to Carrie plus the worst prom ever! R.

Halloween Movies Good for Kids

If you decide you’re going to show these movies to your kids it’s your problem when they end up in your bed.

Watcher in the Woods

A scary Disney movie for children! I was maybe 8 when I saw this for the first time and had nightmares for the next 10 years. I can’t tell you if it’s scary today, but it probably is. I won’t watch it again to confirm, because no thank you. If you watch it, tell me if it’s too scary. Rated PG

The Dark Crystal

The last time I watched this movie I was 6 and it scared the crap out of me. PG.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

OK, go ahead, show this one to your kids. It’s a classic! G.

Halloween Movies—Not Horror But Scary Anyway


I love Alien. The film is absolutely amazing. It’s scary, not because it’s trying to spill blood everywhere, but because the tension is oppressive and unending. R.

Go ahead, go get terrified! But don't come crying to me when you have nightmares, you're the grown-up in this situation.

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