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Holiday Cards: How To Dress for Family Photos

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The holidays are right around the corner which means that it's time to start thinking about your holiday cards. Many people prefer their holiday cards to have a personal element. One of the best ways to add a personal touch to a holiday card is to include a family photo. The biggest question when it comes to family photos is, "What should each family member wear?"

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5 Clothing Tips for Family Photos

Coordinate Colors

Instead of having every member of the family wear the same color pants and shirts, why not mix it up a bit? The key to making the outfits look great together is to make sure that the colors and patterns coordinate. Find a color scheme that you like and then find shirts, pants, and accessories that fit into the color scheme.

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Match Your Home Decor

When it comes to family photos, some of the photos will most likely end up on the walls throughout your home. The last thing that you want to have happen is to keep your family photos hidden in a box or album because they clash with the decor/colors of your home. So, take a look around your home and select a color scheme based on your home's decor. Next, find outfits that match and coordinate with the decor.

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Add Accessories

Adding accessories like necklaces, headbands, scarves, etc. help to add even more texture to photos. Plus, they help to further coordinate outfits with the color scheme selected for the family photos. If you have girls, buy them cute headbands that bring out their personalities. If you have boys, have them wear ties to give them a classic and pulled-together look. If you have a favorite necklace, don't be afraid to wear it. Accessories add so much color, volume, and expression to family photos.

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Limit Patterns

If you have each member of the family wear a different pattern, the look could become a dizzying mess. If you have each member of the family wear the same pattern, the photo might become a pattern overload. Instead, stick to basic styles and non-pattern outfit elements. By sticking to the basics, you'll have an easier time pulling together the overall look of your family photos. If a few members of the family want to wear patterns, be sure to have those patterns enhance the color scheme that you selected for your family photos.

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Think Classics

Your little ones might have a favorite t-shirt that has a cartoon character or super hero on it. Save those shirts for the cute photos that you take around your home. On family photo day, stick to the classic outfit components. Remember, these photos will live on forever and will be cherished for years to come. The last thing you want to do is look back and ask, "What were we thinking?" If you stick to the classics, you won't run into this issue.

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How To Select a Holiday Card Design

Once you have your family photos, it's now time to select a holiday card design. Sselect a design that matches your family's personality, style, and clothing. For great holiday card options, visit Tiny Prints. All of the holiday cards featured throughout this post are available for purchase at If you find a design that you like, be sure to check out the promotional and discount codes available on Tiny Prints.

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What are your favorite family photo clothing tips and tricks?

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