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Family Games: Fun Outdoor Summer Games for the Family

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Family game time is a great way to bring the family together! Bring on the snacks and drinks, your favorite family game and enjoy the time together! Warmer weather has arrived, so take your family game time outside or to the park. Enjoy a great picnic and have fun!

Summer Game Ideas for Little Kids

Mother May I

Line the little ones up next to each other. An adult or older child can be the caller. Give each child a command, such as take five baby steps, three bunny hops or two giant leaps. In order to follow the command the child must say “Mother may I?”, then the caller replies, “Yes, you may.” The first child to reach the caller is the winner.

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Sit the kids in a circle and choose one child to start as the “picker.” The object is for the “picker” to walk around the circle calling “duck, duck, duck” and then finally “goose!” The original “picker” will run around the circle to get to the goose’s spot in the circle. If he is caught or tagged by the goose before he sits down, he must take his spot in the middle of the circle or the “mush pot.” He cannot come out until another player is tagged by a goose. Continue the game until everyone has had a turn being the goose.

Summer Game Ideas for Older Kids

Capture the Flag

Use whatever you have (cones, empty drink bottles, umbrellas) as markers to divide your playing area into two halves, referred to as territories. Form two teams for the territories. Each side has a flag which can be a piece of material or any small object that can be easily carried. The flag is generally placed in an obvious place within the territory. The object of the game is for the players to make their way into the opposing team’s territory, grab the flag and return to their territory without being tagged. The flag is defended by tagging the opposing team when they try to take the flag. Players are “safe” within their own territory but can be tagged once they move into the opposing team’s territory.

    • Jail - When a player is tagged, they are placed in “jail” for a short predetermined time. When released, the player is “walking free” until he returns to his team, meaning he cannot be tagged.
    • Capturing the flag—Once a player has grabbed the opponents flag he is still not safe. He can run it to his territory and claim victory or can pass it off to another player to be taken to home territory. Victory is claimed when the enemy flag is brought to the home territory.

These are just a few games that my family has enjoyed playing over the years. The fun time you get to spend with your family is precious and irreplaceable.

What summer games do you enjoy playing with your family?

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