Holiday Crafts: How To Make Coupon Booklets for Your Valentine


Valentine's Day is just around the corner and taking the time to make gifts for loved ones really shows you care. I have adapted an awesome tutorial I found for making a paint sample notebook into a personalized booklet of coupons for parents to give to their children. This can be as "green" as you'd like to make it. I used paint chip samples that I found at my local Walmart, along with materials I had around the house.

How To Make Valentine's Day Coupon Booklets

Materials Needed:

  • Paint Chip Sample Cards or any other rigid card stock type of paper, including cereal boxes would work
  • Index cards or printer paper
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue dots
  • Miscellaneous items for embellishments, such as scrapbook paper, construction paper, fabric scraps, buttons, brads, stamps (I used a piece from a used aluminum pan for the silver hearts in the picture) — basically anything you'd like to use that can be glued to paper.


1. Take your paint chip card and fold one end up, about 3/4" or so (this will become the bottom of the matchbook style notebook).

2. Cut your index cards roughly into thirds (this made them about 1/4" smaller than the width of my paint chip cards - yours may vary depending on your sample size). These will become your coupons.

3. Write out your coupons. Some ideas I came up with are the following: 1 Chore Free Day, Read a book together, Play a board game, 1 extra hour of computer time, 1 extra hour of video game time, 1 Mommy date, and 1 Daddy date. Each of mine also have the saying: "This coupon good for:".

4. Place your coupons inside the short flap of the paint chip, and staple the coupons inside the flap. Fold the long end over and tuck it into the short end. If the long end is too long, just cut off part of the chip, until the end tucks in nicely into the flap, just like a matchbook.

5. Embellish the front any way you would like. I cut various size hearts out of paint chips and an old aluminum disposable pan and stuck them on the cover with glue dots.

I thought this would be a fun gift for a parent to make for a child, but it could easily be adapted for nearly anyone. Get the kids involved and have them make a coupon booklet for someone they love.

What crafts will you be making this Valentine's Day?

Theresa Jones is the mom of a good-sized family, consisting of herself, her husband, four grown children, 2 high school-aged children, 1 granddaughter, one son-in-law, one daughter-in-law 1 dog 2 cats and one grandchild-to-be (Aug 2012).

She spends a good part of her day working on her blog, Frugal Experiments. It is where she writes about experimenting in frugality, book reviews, product reviews and giveaways. When she's not writing, you will find her either, reading, cooking, gardening, crocheting, or studying. She is currently enrolled full-time in college, taking a certificate course in Entrepreneurship, with the intent of turning her love of blogging into a business.

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