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In the East, people believe that autumn cleaning prepares your house for tough winters (endurance, survival), while spring cleaning is to prepare for an active season. From time immemorial, any housewife cleans the entire house and yard in the autumn and spring.

Clearing opens space for something new in your life. While cleaning, you can mentally arrange your priorities. If you don't have the tenacity to do all the dirty work, you can seek professionals such as Modern Maids Cleaning.

So, the autumn cleaning could be described as purification of your soul as well. It is time to remove the old clothes, throw unnecessary items away, wash windows, but also clear your thoughts, to banish all the darkness you have stored, to let the light penetrate, and to shine in your house through the long winter.


How to Clean Your House Before Winter

Better Sooner than Later

Each spot could be cleaned much easier if you started on it immediately. Cleaning tomato sauce spills out of carpet in the first minute is not a serious challenge, but after a few days, there is a danger of them becoming a permanent part your floor. However, such spots can be removed only after a hard struggle that will take a lot of time and effort. And so it is with any messes.

Clean from the Top Down

If you move from the top down, the results are always much better. So, start from the second floor and end with the basement. In each room, start cleaning the ceiling and lighting first. Then, move on to the doors and furniture, and  finally, the floors. Attack the windows and mirrors from top to bottom, otherwise, the cleaning fluid will surely obey gravity and flow over the already washed floor. The only exception is the walls—dripping water will leave marks on the plaster, which are difficult to remove, so avoid washing them.

Use Less Aggressive Detergents

At first, try to apply less intrusive cleaners. Move to the stronger chemicals only after failure of the soft, friendly ones. Make sure you know what your cleaners are made of and what you should use them to clean so you don't harm any surfaces. It is certainly better to have a small spot on the stove than to remove the enamel.

Everything Must Be Handy

While cleaning, carry everything you need with you. This will save you from the constant search for things. You need:

  • Plastic or rubber container with a handle and compartments for different chemicals and supplies
  • Light plastic bucket with convenient handle
  • Apron with lots of pockets and a pair of rubber gloves

In the beginning of the battle, fill in the kit that will accompany you everywhere but do not overload with unnecessary things—provide multi-purpose chemicals, for example. If your house is two-story one, keep one set on each floor.

Keep Yourself Protected From Potential Harms

Last but not least, take care of yourself. Most chemicals contain acids, alkali, abrasion, and other substances that can hurt the eyes, skin, and even the lungs. So, keep your hands in rubber gloves. Preferably, wear clothes with long sleeves to prevent accidental spraying. Cover your hair with a light cloth or hat. You can also call a pressure washing company to clean the exterior of your house.

As a finishing touch to your perfectly clean home, you can arrange a wonderful autumn composition with pumpkin and flowers, for example. It will bring the beauty of autumn into your house. And please don't forget to hire professional cleaning at least once a month to prevent build-up of grime, this will help you maintain your house more easily.

What are some of your housecleaning tips for winter?

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