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Valentine: Jayda Smith Brings Smiles to Family and Friends

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Jayda Smith's photo was entered in the Mom It Forward "Who's Your Valentine?" Photo Contest. This contest offers everyone a chance to show their love for someone who has made a special difference in their life, whether that’s a husband or wife, son or daughter, pet, friend, parent, or someone they secretly admire.

Jayda is only two-and-a-half years old, but she's made a difference in her family far beyond her years. Jen, her mom, said, "Jayda is the most active and busy two-and-a-half year-old I know! She doesn't stop moving from sun up to sun down, except for the two hours that I can still get her (luckily!) to take a nap! She loves books, dancing, and singing "Happy Birthday To You" (especially when it's NOT your birthday!). She loves milk, sour candy, and chocolate. She is the best helper and has already told me when baby #2 joins our family in August that she will 'help change baby diapers!' I hope she stays that excited about it once the baby comes!"

This little girl has also made a big difference in her daddy's life by always being so excited when he gets home from the fire station where he works. She runs right over and gives him a big hug.

Jen said, "I feel so blessed to have her! She has made a difference in my life in so many ways! Since the day she was born, she has brought a smile to my face each and every day. She has taught me that it's the little things and small moments in life that are most important. Sitting and reading a book with her, or getting down on the floor and playing are some of the best moments of my day. When I am having a rough time or angry about something (all Mom's get angry sometimes,right?!) she will lovingly grab my face, look into my eyes and say, 'You not grumpy Mom.' That instantly reminds me what a loving little girl she is and that my attitude or outlook on life can affect her. She has taught me unconditional love and quick forgiveness."

Jayda's cousins and friends also talk about how she has made a difference in their lives. They say things like, "Jayda makes me happy!", "She has a way with the heart. She gives you hope!", and "I can always count on Jayda to brighten my day!".

As many parents can attest, the impact and difference a small child can make on a parent's life is amazing. The importance any one child can have, any one person can have in one's life is truly great. Happiness is definitely directly correlated with love.

Who's your Valentine? What makes your Valentine special?

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