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Little Stinker: Kathy Dalton Makes a Difference With Diapers

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Baby Care—If you've lived long enough, you've had at least one of those moments, those epiphanic instances when a particular need or thought strikes you with mind-bending force. For a woman named Kathy Dalton, it was when she heard a woman talk about having to wrap her own baby in a towel for lack of a diaper. Hearing Lisa Nichol's overcoming-homelessness story was a heartbreaking moment for Kathy that became a turning point. Like light deflecting through a prism, Kathy's course in life altered just a bit as she felt compelled to do something about the issue and so incorporated the idea into her everyday life and her business.

So, when she started Little Stinker baby products three years ago with a couple of her friends, it was natural—much like the products themselves—that they would decide to give ten percent of their profits to providing diapers for families in need. As Kathy tells it, she was at lunch one day with some friends, one of which had product development experience and another a research background. She herself had a background in skin care product marketing. They were all parents looking for products that would help make the particularly onerous tasks of parenthood, such as diaper changing, a little less so. They banded together, developed their signature Baby Butt Spray, their Natural Nursing Balm, and other products, and a business was born. A business with a bonus mission.

Author Max Lucado once said, "Do the most what you do the best" in terms of service. The Bible says, "But rather give alms of such things as ye have" (Luke 11:41 KJV). Wise men living and dead seem to have figured out that we serve most effectively when we give of what we are best at or have the most of. The 10% donation by Little Stinker to organizations that help families with babies in need, when viewed in that light, is a natural, almost automatic way of giving that should inspire us all to think of ways in which we can extend what we are already doing just a little bit further to help those whose needs most strike us or who are nearest to us.

Thus, we ask: "What are you really good at? Is there a part of your business or any of your hobbies that could help someone else? What need, cause, or issue do you feel most passionately about? Do you know where to go online to find specific ideas or sites that match your talents or strengths with those who most need them?" There are many out there, but and are good places to start.

You can find out more about Kathy at or

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