Kodak EasyShare M530 Is the Perfect Camera for Family Vacays


For the past 2 years, I have captured all of my Kodak moments with nothing but an iPhone.  But, when our family traveled to Central America last month, I wanted something better to capture the beauty of the trip. How can you climb to the top of a volcano, see hot lava, and not have an awesome camera to record it with?

My solution? Use my mom's camera. Score! But, when Royal Caribbean asked me to come on a last-minute cruise right after returning from Central America, I knew I wouldn't have my mom's camera to rely on and I thought, what better than a Kodak camera to capture my Kodak moments with, right? And thanks to them, my Eastern Caribbean family vacay is now very well documented photographically.

Here are four reasons why I love this camera:

  1. The EasyShare feature. When you register your camera online, you are asked to provide your Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Kodak Share, and e-mail account information. Then, when you want to download your pictures, all you have to do is select which account(s) you'd like to share your pictures with (where you'd like to download them), press Share, and it automatically downloads them to that account. The best part? It is so fast and easy. One button, one click, a few minutes and you're done downloading.
  2. The size. I love that this camera fits in the palm of my hand. The other day, we were in the back of a pick-up truck on the island of St. Thomas, winding speedily around bends, making our way to Magen's Bay. The views were beautiful, but you had to be quick to capture them. The size of the camera allowed me to hold my arm out the side of the truck and capture vistas I normally wouldn't have been able to had I had a weightier or larger camera.
  3. The set up and registration process. I know this seems like the last of your worries with a camera, but honestly, I typically end up not registering my camera because of the ridiculous and lengthy set up process. Kodak has streamlined everything. From it's Kodak Gallery, where you can upload and share your photos, to its simple sign up system, it's quick and simple. Just make sure to have your serial number handy and you're good to go!
  4. And most importantly, the pictures! The above-mentioned features make the entire process from capturing to downloading to sharing simple. Because I'm not a natural photographer, I literally take a gazillion (not really even an exaggeration) pics wherever I go, knowing that I can delete or edit or sift through and choose my faves. I love that the downloading process is simple and quick, making it faster for me to choose  photos and share my experiences.

So, while I have made the switch from iPhone to point and shoot. Who knows what's next! I may attend the hands-on photography workshop at the Evo Conference this summer and be inspired to buy an SLR. The possibilities are limitless!

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