Mom It Forward and Active Care Help Keep Seniors Independent


The momitforward team was recently involved in a live community event with ActiveCare. We were able to tour the ActiveCare facility in Salt Lake City and see a real live smart house. ActiveCare is doing so many things to help the elderly stay in their homes longer and make sure they are safe and protected. We brought members of our blogging community along with us for a demonstration.

ActiveCare, Inc. is an independent living care company specializing in creating products and home care services that help seniors remain active. They have a variety of products that will keep you and your loved ones safe. They have 24-hour Care Specialists that are ready to answer questions or provide help for ActiveCare members when needed. A fall detection devise is available to provide help in the event of an accident. If your loved one has lost their footing and can't get up, they can notify ActiveCare and get them the help they need.

When I was touring the ActiveCare House, I was impressed with the sensor options available to install in your home. These sensors can be installed in a variety of places: your refrigerator, medicine cabinet, bed, shower, and also your mail box. If your loved one has not been outside to get their mail or have not gotten out of bed within 24 hours, an ActiveCare member notifies their immediate family.

It was nice to get some education on what other options are available for our family members when they get older. Senior care facilities can be expensive, and if we can help our loved ones stay in their homes a little longer, it would be a huge money saver for them and for us.

We love partnering with brands in our community and educating bloggers about what they do and the services they offer. We had so much fun with @KathyDaltonSLC, @karinawetzel, @jylmomif, @kimorlandini, @HowtoSimplify, @CariStewart, and @formerlyphread.

If you are interested in learning more about how to be involved in one of our next live events, please check out our opportunities page and let us know. We want to connect with you and hope you can be a part of our next event soon.

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