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London is a magnificent place to go and visit, whether you are Clark Griswold'ing it through Europe with your family, celebrating your honeymoon, or venturing there with friends.

10 Places to See in London

Here are 10 places to spot whilst visiting London:

1. Big Ben, Parliament, Westminster Abbey

Located right off of the the Westminster tube stop, you can spot all of these historical places in one swoop.

Did you know that past Kings and Queens are buried inside Westminster Abbey? William Shakespeare is also buried there.

2. Oxford Street

This is a must visit for all you shoppers out there. Housing miles of stores, there is bound to be something there for everyone.

3. Museums

Want a history fix? There are so many museums to visit in London. Here are some of my favorites: National History Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, British Museum, and Imperial War Museum. The best part: they're free!

4. Tower Bridge

London bridges falling down, falling down, falling down! Right next to the Tower of London, this bridge is a stunning combination of modern and classic architecture.

5. Abbey Road

Walk across singing Here Comes the Sun from The Beatles. There is also a video camera that records Abbey Road 24 hours a day. Go and visit their site and you can screen shot yourself walking across.

5. Hyde Park and Regent's Park

Great for picnics, people watching, and a pick-up game of football.

6. Trafalgar Square

You can visit The National Gallery, see a play, or get a picture by one of the four lions guarding Nelson's Column.

7. Notting Hill

Every Saturday, Notting Hill hosts the famous Portobello Market.

8. The Royal Family

Impress your friends and family by getting a picture with The Royals at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.

9. Piccadilly Circus

The Times Square of London, Piccadilly Circus is a hustle and bustle of tourists. I recommend getting high tea at Fortnum and Mason.

10. Buckingham Palace

Did you know that 2012 marks Queen Elizabeth II's 60th year as sovereign? What better way to celebrate than to go and congratulate the Queen at her humble abode.

What place are you dying to spot in London?

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