Product Review: Quo Vadis Planners Are Key to Organization

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It’s that time of year again to make New Year’s resolutions, get organized, and (my very favorite) pick out your very favorite desk planner. For years, I have toyed with many different planners but for me, the best selection is provided by Quo Vadis.

Quo Vadis planners were developed over 50 years ago by a French doctor. Now available worldwide, Quo Vadis planners can be found in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. Quo Vadis planners and agendas come in a variety of layouts, sizes, and colors. They are also printed in both the US and Canada.

I have had a love for Quo Vadis planners ever since I worked for a large telecommunications company over 20 years ago. My boss always had me order the same planner: the pocket size Quo Vadis IB Traveler. Although I find that particular size too small for me, there is a Quo Vadis planner for everyone: a large desk size, a medium size — ideal for a computer bag or large purse, a small wallet size, or a pocket-mini.

What To Consider When Buying a Quo Vadis Planner

When you are buying your planner consider what layout works best for you. Do you like a page a day, the whole week spread out over two pages or a simple monthly view?

The weekly planner has a variety of layouts that will let you take a few or a lot of notes either at the bottom of the page (like a Trinote) or at the side of the page (like a Minister or President). Quo Vadis also has planners for those that love to journal (or create “to-do lists”). With a weekly layout on one side and journal/notes on the other side, the Note 27 provides you the opportunity to make lists or make notes on what needs to be done that week. This layout is very effective for capturing your thoughts and helping you prioritize your tasks for the week.

Some people like to have a full page per day to make detailed appointments or to write notes. Quo Vadis also has a variety of planners that can accommodate. The fact that these agendas are bound and not glued means that they are more likely to stay together no matter how much you stuff into them.

My favorite has always been the ivory colored, silky-smooth paper of the Minister Prestige. The Minister Prestige differs from its 'cousin' the Minister Weekly planner in the colour of the paper (ivory vs. bright white) and the layout of the week. Side Note: Have you ever fallen in love with paper? Yes, I said paper... the thing is, Quo Vadis has this way of producing this ivory color paper that is smooth as silk and a joy to write on throughout the year.  You need to read the write up on the Quo Vadis Website on what makes it so special.

10 Reasons Why Quo Vadis Planner are Special

Here are the top 10 reasons that the Quo Vadis planners are so special:

1.) The days begin Monday through Friday with the weekends on the end. My "Margarita Suggestion" is that I wish Saturday and Sunday had equal space but then you would have to give up other details.

2.) There is a tear away in each of the page corners making it easy to bookmark where you are in your agenda.

3.) I like the ability to write notes, email addresses, phone numbers, or memos throughout the week.

4.) The paper is silky smooth...uh...yeah...uh... I think I have already said that.

5.) There are mini-calendars for the previous, current, and future months for quick reference. My second "Margarita Suggestion" is the addition of a full month-in-review-2 page-layout at the beginning of every month with a tab starting every month.

6.) There is a full year-in-review at the beginning of the planner but I find it cumbersome going back and forth between the current week and the beginning of the planner.

7.) I like to write down and track receipts/payments and Quo Vadis provides this record keeping tool in every planner.

8.) I love the world maps. I have to say, I like to look at them and see where different cities and capitals are in the US, Europe, and Asia (because I am Canadian).

9.) If you are a world traveler, Quo Vadis planners provide maps, international holiday schedules, and telephone country codes. These extra details are what set these agendas apart from others.

10.) Lastly, Quo Vadis has committed to printing paper using none-elementary-chlorine and, more importantly, ensuring that the wood and pulp used in producing the planners is sustainable and thereby minimizing their carbon-footprint. Their commitment to the environment is commendable.

All in all, I love paper and electronic planners but I love my Quo Vadis planner. I mean, look how pretty it is with its turquoise leather-grain-like cover. It is stylish and the best part is next year, all I need to do is get the refill.

How will you stay organized in 2012? What products help you stay organized throughout the year?

Margarita Ibbott is a mother of three, Professional Organizer, blogger, social media trainer and is addicted to attending & speaking at conferences (Blogher, Blissdom, She’s Connected & TechWeek Chicago to name a few). In April she addressed 800 professional organizers in San Diego, CA at the National Association of Professional Organizer Annual Conference as an Expert panelist. In the fall she facilitated an Advanced LinkedIn workshop for her colleagues at the 11th Annual National Conference of the Processional Organizers in Canada.  Her most interesting social media adventure of 2011 brought her to Harpo Studios in Chicago to be a LiveBlogger for Oprah's Life Classes (not once but twice). Through her blog, she continues to evangelizing people, products and services, brands and companies using social media.  You can connect with her on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and read her musings about organizing, product reviews or social media training on either one of her two blogs: Downshifting – Professional Organizing Solutions and

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