Printables: Freezer Storage Labels

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Have you ever gone to your freezer to pull something out, only to find that it is old and freezer burnt? If you are like me, you lose things in your freezer. I try and remember to put the dates on my food items because I hate to waste food. Now you can use the new Organize eBook Freezer Storage Labels to help you keep track of what you put in your freezer. No more losing items and having them go bad. These labels are cute and easy to print off.

printable freezer storage labels

In our new Organize eBook, we also have a Freezer Inventory Sheet so you know what's in your freezer at any given moment. Great idea, right? To download the Organize eBook, go "here".

To download the Freezer Storage Labels, click here.

How often do you clean out your freezer?


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