Priorities: Take Control of Your Time and Values

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Barbie Mom in the grocery store If you're like me, you probably create lots of to-do lists for yourself and then multitask like a madwoman to get everything on your list done in the scant 24 hours you have a day.

There's the morning routine, then the midday errands and chores, then the afternoon/after school routine, then dinner prep and cleanup and bedtime routines. And then add on your job, if you're a working mom, and some quality time with your spouse (if you want to stay married) and on and on and on. Heck, when I add it up, I realize I spend about four hours everyday working in the kitchen alone... How's a mom to get it all done?

The straight answer is: You actually do have enough time to get done what's important to you.

It's time to stop trying to get everything done, and instead to focus on your priorities and let the rest go. The reason I spend four hours a day in the kitchen is my choice. Healthy eating and homemade meals are a top priority for me and my family, so I choose to make time for that while choosing to not make time for watching TV (or doing laundry...).

Balance is not better time management, but better boundary management.
Balance means making choices and enjoying those choices.” ~ Betsy Jacobson

I love this quote. Moms struggle constantly with balance, which is a word many of us use to mean "getting it all done."

It's so easy to get caught up in doing things that really aren't important to us. We can say that healthy eating is a top priority, yet when we look back over the way we've spent the last month, we realize we've been so busy that we've dined out or grabbed fast food more than we'd like to admit.

Consider for a moment the things that you value the most. Some things that may come to mind are: family, health, security, honesty, fun, love, etc. To take control of your time, get clear on your values and priorities, and let them motivate you. Make your choices and enjoy them!

What is most important to you when it comes to your daily routines? Of all the things that you could choose to do today, which of these most deserves your precious time? What choices will you make that honor your top priorities?

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Lara Galloway, The Mom Biz Coach, is a speaker, a business coach and the founder of the Mom Biz Academy, the "MBA" for mompreneurs. She teaches moms how to do what they love without compromising their priorities. Grab her "Six Steps for Creating a Sustainable Mompreneur Business" audio course here!

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Wife to her motorcycle-loving husband, mom to three kids aged 8 and under, and founder of the, Lara Galloway stays sane by taking long walks, making and eating good food, drinking lovely wine or beer, and doing work she's passionate about as the Mom Biz Coach. In the Mom Biz Academy--The "MBA" for Mompreneurs--she teaches moms how to run successful businesses while running a family through a variety of teleseminars, coaching calls, and an online forum.

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