Education: Why Being a Back-to-School Mom Might Be Right for You


Admit it—every back-to-school season, you find yourself yearning to get back to the classroom yourself. But as the mom of the house, you always seem to have hurdles in your way, whether it’s not having enough time in the day, too many responsibilities, or worries about the cost of school. Still, there are many moms out there who are overcoming those same obstacles to pursue the academic dreams they’ve always had.

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Why Moms Can Return to School

Here are four reasons why you might consider making school time the new “me” time…

1. You’ll be setting an example for your kids.

What better way to get your grade-schoolers excited about school (even homework!) than to study alongside them every day? Sharing your passion for education by example, rather than just tired old stories of your school days from many years ago, can inspire your children to hit the books and develop a love of learning … just like mom.

2. You’re already a master multi-tasker.

If you can pack three different lunches for your picky eaters while dealing with a diaper disaster, answering a text from your boss, and paying bills online, you’re a mom who’s adept at the daily juggling act that comes with the territory. Adding school into the mix won’t be easy, but it’s just the sort of challenge that a busy woman is equipped to master. Of course, it’s also the perfect time to pull rank and delegate some of those daily tasks to your supportive family members, and outsource help where necessary.

3. The time is right.

Thanks to technology and the fact that there are more nontraditional students than ever before, there are many options nowadays to accommodate the tough schedule of a busy parent, whether she wishes to pursue (or complete) a degree, career college program, or technical school studies. Many moms find online learning to be a great fit since they can learn from anywhere, during any time of the day or night. Other flexible course schedules include nights, weekends, and blended learning, which mixes online and classroom hours.

4. New skills can get you back in the workforce.

Whether you took a break from your career to raise your children or simply want to enter a whole new field, developing new skills and earning academic credentials is a great way to get your foot in the door of a new job. You’ll be up on the latest trends in the field, will meet and connect with people with whom you can network, and give your resume a much-needed boost.

To help decide if a back-to-school endeavor is right for you, check out the many education options available in your area or online at

Have you gone back to school since having kids? What was your favorite part? What was your least favorite part?

Dawn Papandrea

Dawn Papandrea is managing editor of The CollegeBound Network and Employment Network, a network of sites that, and, which aim to help people find success through educational endeavors and career services.

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