Holiday Recipe: Snow Covered Ritz

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These Snow Covered Ritz crackers are a very easy holiday recipe and they are scrumptious! I have been making these for years and all of our friends expect us to bring them to every party during the holidays. You will see why when you try them.

Snow Covered Ritz A Quick and Easy Holiday Recipe

Snow Covered Ritz Recipe


    • Ritz Crackers (about 2 sleeves)
    • 1 can of Eagle Brand Milk
    • 1 cup of chopped walnuts
    • 1 cup of chopped dates
    • Cream cheese frosting


First, you need to combine the Eagle Brand milk, walnuts, and dates in a small saucepan. Cook the mixture over medium heat until it starts to thicken and turns a light brown. Stir it constantly. You will know it is ready when it starts to become solid and is no longer runny/liquid. The next picture shows the mixture before it was cooked and after. Set the mixture aside and let it cool. Do not try to spread the mixture until it is just a little warm. I know from experience that is gets really HOT!

Snow Covered Ritz A Quick and Easy Holiday Recipe

Next, you are going to spread the mixture on the crackers. You will probably need two pans and about two sleeves of crackers. You may also want to cover your pans with aluminum foil because when the topping cooks, it hardens and is difficult to clean. You will put about a tablespoon on top of each cracker. I had a little helper with mine 🙂 See that sweet little hand?

Snow Covered Ritz A Quick and Easy Holiday Recipe

Snow Covered Ritz A Quick and Easy Holiday Recipe

Now, cook the crackers in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. After the crackers have cooled back to room temperature, you will top each one with the cream cheese icing.

Snow Covered Ritz A Quick and Easy Holiday Recipe

That's it! This is one of the tastiest and quickest holiday recipes you will find. I hope you have the best holidays filled with great times, great food, and lost of Snow Covered Ritz!

What is your favorite holiday party recipe?

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