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Service: Sophia Dare Dares to Help Others Be Happy

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I would love to know if any studies have been conducted comparing the happiness or self-esteem levels of bloggers to non-bloggers. For that matter, I would like to see if there are any studies about the happiness of creative people in general. It seems to me like the creative bloggers would have the scales TOTALLY tipped in their favor, especially if the attendees at SNAP (a Utah craft bloggers conference) were any indication. To be able to express oneself creatively, through words as well as art, or craft, or home decor, is a gift, a cathartic gift. Sophia Dare is one blogger who possesses that gift. Not only does she possess it, she shares it, in a life-encouraging way, at

Sophia is a wife and mother of three boys, the oldest of whom passed away in 2002 from heart disease and idic-15 at the ripe old age of eight. She says, "This loss and its effects on our family ignited a passion in us to inspire others with the courage and love that our son lived out on a daily basis. We committed to making proactive choices to fully celebrate this awesome life, our daily miracles, and the incredible opportunities we have, right where we are, to impact others for greatness." To do that, she took up painting again, something she'd gotten a degree and ran a business in, and began teaching and speaking, with the Stonecroft Women’s Connections. Because she was still raising two young boys, she decided to also get certified as a corporate wellness coach so that she could help others through speaking, but stay local.

As a speaker, she says, "[I] discovered our story gave [me] a better understanding of others, and the damage that stress and loss can have on our physical health and energy." So, in 2006, she launched YourDaringLife "to empower others [to make] positive choices, preventive choices to grab the reins and take charge of their own physical health, and lifestyle choices to celebrate life, taking time for what’s really important," and tapping in to what makes each person unique. She has also published five books and one e-book, some about life with boys, some about loss, and others about living life to its fullest potential. All of them incorporate her own artwork.

It is true that most of us tend to go through life focusing on getting through, or raising the kids, or paying the bills, not glimpsing our true potentials. Our true potentials are the way life would be if we used all of our brain cells, fully realized and cultivated all of our talents, and not only felt proud of, but acted upon, the things that make us unique. It's difficult to truly try to reach our true potential. It can take a lot of time and introspection. But the beauty of the life that can be lived on the other side, doing those things, is so worth it. That is obviously something Sophia knows, because she expresses it repeatedly in her posts. She must be content in life. She is, after all, a creative blogger.



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