Spring Fitness: Make the Most of Mud Season

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I always get a little antsy at this time of year. There are often a few weeks of snowboarding left but it can get slushy and because I feel very strong about preventing erosion or other damage to the hiking and running trails that I have come to love, I tend to stay close to home as if in a holding pattern, waiting for summer.

We have traditionally referred to this time of year, late winter through early spring, as "mud season". I still hear the term used in reference to the northeast, where I grew up, but here in Denver the term is hushed because it isn't "good marketing" for the mountain resorts. Instead, the PR folk are now calling it "spring season". Call it what you want, no matter where you reside in the northern tier of the United States, it can be a bit of a mess at times.

Melting snow and rain saturate the ground and because the deeper layers of earth are still frozen the moisture creates tons of mud. Dirt roads and hiking trails turn into rutted mosh pits of muck. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? If you are thinking that this isn't the time of year to head for mountain resort towns for a visit, whether you are in northeastern areas like Vermont and New Hampshire or here near the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, you may want to reconsider.

While you may not be getting out on the hiking or biking trails, or playing golf, I think this is actually a perfect time to visit mountain resort towns. Most towns clear out once the slopes have closed for the season but the weather is beautiful and businesses that stay open are offering killer deals. Hotel and spa rates are drastically reduced with special packages to attract business to tie them over until tourists return. Most of them have heated outdoor pools and impressively decked out gyms. You'll often find restaurants offering two-for-one deals and lower priced wine specials.

So, why not grab a few girlfriends and head off to a fancy resort condo and take advantage of these specials? Swim a few laps outdoors in a heated pool (here in Colorado we also have the natural hot springs), log a few miles on the treadmill, head to the spa for a full range of body treatments, and then wine and dine in a quiet slope-side restaurant. Rest your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for all of your summer goals!

As E. E. Cummings said, "The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful." How do you plan on taking advantage of the mud season? What are your favorite ways to welcome the spring?

As a freelance writer and social media marketing consultant, in Denver, Colorado, Fiona Bryan blogs about social media and all things “banter-worthy” at BanteringBlonde.com, she is also the founder of the multi-media outreach, MomActive, which strives to motivate and empower women to be positive role models for their families.

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