Family Fun: Unique Ways to Make Special Memories With Your Kids

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Do you date your kids? Sounds like a funny question to some, but in this New Year, my husband and I are making a big effort to have fun and inexpensive dates with our kids!

To create special and memorable moments… with your kids, you do not have to

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Reigniting the Flame In Your Relationship: Make a Date


Dr. Matt Townsend gives us the first step to reignite the flame in our relationships. It’s all about getting back to basics…. Think about when you were first dating your honey when everything was perfect and magical. You were probably making time to be with each other …

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Finding Time to Date Your Partner: Easy or Impossible? What’s the Answer?

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Are you in a partnership where you have to schedule …your private time together?
As an entrepreneur married to a fireman, who works 24 hour shifts, I can relate to any couple that has to strategically plan their time together. Especially when you throw two children in the equation.

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