Valentine’s Day Coloring Page from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

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Did you know that 62 kids enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment every minute? That’s a lot of kids — 10 million annually, to be precise.

Today we are helping to raise awareness about the charitable need of children’s hospitals with this cute and fun Valentine’s Day printable

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Valentine’s Day Treats: Vanilla Candy Hearts With Peppermint

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Making your own Valentine’s Day cards… and treats reminds me of my childhood. I was obsessed with doilies and me and my mom would spend hours making enough for every child in my school class along with extra to give to my friends in the neighborhood and in my church

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Decorating for a Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party

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I love holiday parties. I especially love throwing kids parties…. I get a kick out of planning everything! I’m a party person! You know what else I am? A cheap person. I am always try to be thrifty while planning out my parties! Why throw a party that you’ll

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66 Valentine Ideas – Printables, Treats, Crafts, and More!


Valentine’s Day is less than a month away and you can never have too many good ideas for celebrating, right? Here is the best of the best, our favs, the ones we LOVE. We hope all these awesome Valentine ideas …will inspire you to enjoy Valentine’s Day more than you

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New Year’s Eve Appetizer Recipe: Confetti Squares

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You know an appetizer is a family favorite when you invite everyone over for Christmas dinner two hours early so they have time to get their fill while still leaving room in their tummies for the major holiday feast ahead….
But why wait until next Christmas to try them?

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Get in the picture – a gentle reminder for moms this holiday

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We stand proudly over the meal we took 6 and a half hours to cook, and we watch it disappear in twenty minutes. We step back and admire the beautiful tree we decorated (or watched the kids decorate) and carefully pack it away for next year.
We smile in the…

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10 Tips to Help You Stay in Shape During the Holidays


The holidays are fun, heartwarming, and let’s face it—fattening. From Halloween to New Years you are eating candy, pies, rolls, turkey, ham, potatoes, and dozens (possibly hundreds) of other things that you don’t normally eat or wouldn’t be tempted to divulge in otherwise. I am no exception—I admit I have…

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How to Relieve Stress This Holiday Season

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Take time this season to relax and enjoy the holidays…. It amazes me how the pace of things gets turned up at this time of the year. It’s almost like an old record player that someone changed the speed from medium to the highest speed possible and our lives

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Tips for a Stress Free Holiday Season

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Who can relate to feeling busy, overwhelmed, and like you need a holiday from this holiday season already? If you’re nodding your head in agreement then these 10 tips for a stress free holiday season are for you.

Making Meaningful Moments With Those That Matter Most This Holiday Season

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Creating Family Traditions During the Holidays

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My children love hearing about what my husband and I were like as children. I enjoy sharing some of my favorite traditions… from my childhood while we decorate the tree and prepare for the holidays. Many of our family’s holiday traditions revolve around the preparation of special foods. Tucked away

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