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Stop Sibling Rivalry in its Tracks

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We’ve all been there. Your home is peaceful and happy one minute, then the next it’s an all-out war zone.

Sibling rivalry is an age-old problem that’s never completely going to go away. If you’ve looked into the subject much, you’ve probably come across the advice to avoid taking sides. So how do you keep the peace without having to be the judge and jury? How can you mediate the fights between your kids without becoming the enemy?

Stop Sibling

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mifpost Things I’ve Learned in Motherhood

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I’ve been a mom for a few years, eight to be exact. And through the joy, chaos, laughter, and tears…I’ve learned a few things. Things that every mom should know. So I’ve gathered the most important tips, because I know that some days, every mom needs a little reminder.


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Card Holder Me Time: Sewing a Wallet or Credit Card Holder

craftsdecor & DIY

It’s important to set aside “me time…” during the day. There are days where my patience is running thin and things just aren’t going smoothly.  Those are the days when I need to sit down and focus on something completely different to help my mind reset.
One of

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parents and children 3 Ways to Overcome Self Hate and Build Confidence


I had always had image and self-confidence issues growing up.  I was skinny, not at all curvy and made fun of for various reasons.  These issues resulted in a self-conscious young adult… who sought praise and validity in outside factors, mainly other people, to believe she was good enough.  I

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mother's hands720 A Mother’s Hands


It is often said that you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his hands. It’s true, in so many ways, a man’s hands are revealing to the eye. They are simpler, much more straightforward than we are, aren’t they? What you see is what you get. …

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medicinesv2 Home Safety: Safe Medicine Storage

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June is National Safety Month and the CDC, along with the Protect Initiative…, are mobilizing parents across the country to remember the importance of safe medicine storage. Did you know four busloads of kids are taken to the ER every day for accidental medicine ingestion? It was news to

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720x315.Jyl-Johnson-Pattee Global Healthcare: Moms Helping Moms

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Have you ever wondered why all the focus on global healthcare issues when there is so much suffering right in our own communities and sometimes as close as in the next bedroom?
My little brother, Mark, was diagnosed with schizophrenia… when he was 16 years old. But his struggles began

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Jennifer Doering in a simulated research interview situation. Sleep: Tips to Help New Moms Avoid Sleep Deprivation

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All new mothers know how hard it can be to get a good night’s sleep… after a baby is born. It is also important for new moms to get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation can affect decision-making, lead to depression, and cause problems in relationships. It can also affect a new

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Stressd pregnant business woman working talking on phone Work-at-Home Moms: 4 Ways to Earn Extra Income

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As a work-at-home mom, do you find it difficult to take care of your kids while working…? Playing, fixing meals, feeding, bathing, and taking care of children can be a full-time job in and of itself. It’s hard to find much time to do anything else let alone find

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kids birthday party2 Parenting: 6 Tips for Helping Kids Handle Rejection

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Whether struggling with family, friend, or work relationships, adults are used to the sting of rejection. However, many, in their parenting years, have forgotten how often kids also experience rejection—and just how hurtful it can be. Just as parents need to help their kids develop physically…, they also

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