Behind the Scenes on Lifetime Television’s The Balancing Act

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I recently had the chance to go behind the scenes on Lifetime Television's "The Balancing Act," one of Lifetime Television's lifestyle shows, focusing on helping women achieve success in all areas of their lives. Segments include everything from health and fitness and cooking to parenting and education.

Behind the Scenes on The Balancing Act

You know the phrase "It takes a village"? Well, creating a TV show definitely requires a lot of resources. From Jill, the hair and makeup artist (who was so positive and amazing!) and the producer to the show's co-host, Olga Villaverde, whose energy is positively contagious, everyone was amazing, talented, and passionate about helping women.

Here are some fun pics showing us in action behind the scenes.

TheBalancingAct-Behind The Scenes

A Teaser for the Segment

We chatted on air together about the importance of snacks and drinks on the go for kids, especially as we transition from summer to back to school. Given that my oldest son has chosen to be on the cross country team this year, something completely new for him and for our family, the topic of refueling came at the perfect time.

Here Olga and I are posing with a great option, Robinson's Fruit Shoot.

The Balancing Act

Here's a pic of my son (in red), running cross country and why having great drink choices is important to us.

Cross Country Running

And here's a teaser for the segment, which will convert to the full segment once it's live!

How to Access My Upcoming Segment on the Balancing Act

But enough of the behind the scenes. Join us for the fully produced segment on Wednesday, September 18 and Wednesday, September 25 by clicking here:

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