Three Simple Crafts for Preschoolers


Craft time can be a lot of fun for preschool kids. Cutting, gluing, and coloring all to make something new and one of a kind. Craft time does not have to be be a huge event. Even making simple crafts at home will provide preschoolers with fun that lasts.

Here are three simple crafts for preschoolers that any parent can put together at home.

Hand Print Wreaths

Wreaths do not have to be just for Christmas. You can help your preschooler create a simple wreath to hang up any time of the year. Help your preschooler trace and cut out his hand prints with colored paper. You can choose one color, or mix it up with many different colors. You may even want to coordinate the colors based on the seasons or upcoming holidays.

Glue the hand prints around a paper plate, fingers pointing out. Decorate the hands with glitter, crayons, stickers, or natural items such as leaves and sticks. Add a small piece of string to the back and hang it up. Don't be surprised if your preschooler wants to make another!

Sun Print Cards

Did you know that construction paper fades quickly in the sun? You can use this to make fun cards and pictures that are so simple to do.

Choose a sheet of construction paper, darker colors work best, and lay it outside. Choose a place that will allow it to get lots of sun without being disturbed by wind or animals. Let your preschooler choose a few flat, simple items to lay on top of the paper. Leaves, buttons, and puzzle pieces work great for this. Arrange them across the paper, leaving plenty of open space between items, and wait for two hours. When you come back the paper should be faded, except where the items were.

You can fold this in half and let your preschooler turn it into a greeting card to send to family and friends.

Silly Trees

Ordinary trees only grow fruits and nuts. Silly trees can grow whatever your preschooler wants! Draw a picture of a large tree onto heavy cardstock, or print a picture from online. Let your preschooler look through old magazines and newspapers for pictures of anything they want. He can then cut out and glue the pictures onto the tree. You can have a candy tree, a toy tree, a cookie tree, or grow an entire forest of your preschooler's favorite trees.

Craft time can be fun without being complicated or messy. Doing simple crafts for preschoolers is a great way be creative and have fun together.

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