To the Ocean: A Family Trip to Mexico

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My house is messy. The air conditioning went out on a holiday weekend. I have scheduled an air conditioning repair service coral springs fl for tomorrow. I have loads of laundry to do. And for the last two weeks I've replaced going to the gym with eating a bag of candy corns to celebrate the end of 100 degree weather.

But I'm okay with all of that. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, and I swear I smell salt water and hear waves. It's seriously happening.

My beach fantasy is shattered by the sound of a shouting toddler, "I want some cheese!" It's Lola, my three year old. She doesn’t realize Mommy is fantasizing about what’s about to happen two weeks from now.

We're going to Rocky Point, Mexico.

This isn't just any family trip to Mexico. We don't visit the large tourist destinations. We drive to a place we've been visiting for years. It's a half-day drive to a little fishing town turned family getaway just four hours south of us. We call this place our beach. It's more like another member of our family.

Before my husband and I were married we took our first trip together as a couple to Rocky Point. When I was pregnant with my second son we visited Rocky Point again and talked about how we would bring him there and put his feet in the sand.

After my son was born we couldn't wait to take him to Rocky Point. He unfortunately suffered a catastrophic brain injury as a baby. Our whole life changed and so did his future. But we were determined to take him there. We promised we weren't going to let anything stop us. He deserved to put his feet in the sand.

Mexico beach

So we loaded up the family and the wheelchair and we went to his beach. The beach welcomed us, wheelchair and all. And he got to put his feet in the sand just like we planned.

Over the years, we also added a little girl to our family. We made sure to visit Rocky Point for her first summer. Feet met sand and it was love at first sight.

family trip to mexico

We've dreamed about our future on the beaches of Rocky Point. We've contemplated decisions, laughed with friends, chased down the mango cart, jet skied, burned our skin, and hunted for sand dollars on these beaches. We are just as much a part of Rocky Point as Rocky Point is a part of us.

family trip to mexico

We love to travel as a family; it's part of who we are. I believe that when you get outside of your comfort zone and you change up the scenery, no matter what the setback, no matter the challenges, that is when the best of memories are made. If you are scared to travel with your kids, don't be. You never know what life has in store for you.

So we're off to make some memories. I think I just might smell sunscreen and the beach is waiting for us.

What are your favorite vacation spots?

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