Halloween Craft: “Wicked” Good Halloween Wood Craft & Decor

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How fun is decorating for Halloween? It’s the perfect occasion for kids to get involved. Costumes, spooky decorations, and, of course, the promise of CANDY at the end!

I had the opportunity to browse through the October Wood Crafts on Do you want the truth? I didn’t browse much. I saw the WICKED letter cutouts and I KNEW we had a winner!

Wicked Halloween Wood Letters

On several levels, this is the perfect ‘GoodNCrazy’ craft for us. My daughters are completely head over heels in love with Wicked the musical. My husband dressed up as a wicked witch for Halloween (complete with high heels, green face, and long fingernails... don’t ask!). And we all love making a giant mess of the dining room table with a fun Halloween crafts like this.

Wicked logo, man with painted witch face, girl doing a wicked craft

Decorating wood cutouts is super easy; including drying time, you can totally complete this project in an afternoon with your kids helping!

How to Make "Wicked" Halloween Decor


  • CraftyWoodCutouts Wood Letters
  • Halloween Themed Scrapbook Paper
  • Black Craft Paint (and other colors if you want; we used purple as well)
  • Extra Embellishments (like ribbons, netting, a fake spider, sparkly stickers)
  • Mod Podge (The KING of all crafty projects!)
  • Foam Brushes, scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks, paper plates for paint

DIY Instructions to Decorate Wood Letter Blocks

  1. Paint all of your wood letters black & let dry (we painted the witch hat purple to match the paper).
  2. Trace each letter onto scrapbook paper & cut out carefully.
    (TIP: Trace onto the back of the paper with the front of yo Girl painting a wood "W" ur letter.)
  3. Using a foam brush, add a thin coat of Mod Podge to the front of the letter. Then coat the back of the paper letter with a thin coat as well. Adhere the paper to the wood and carefully press out any bubbles.
    (TIP: Allow this step to REALLY DRY WELL, otherwise the paper will bubble up and look messy in the next step.)
  4. Is the paper all dry? Good. Now coat over the top of your paper with another thin coat of Mod Podge. Let dry again. This will act as a sealer for your paper.
  5. With a tiny dab of black paint, carefully paint the edges of the paper letters. This will help make the overall project look ‘finished.'
    (TIP: use a Q-Tip for this step.)
  6. Get out the hot glue gun and add all the embellishments!

We’re so in love with this easy project! And there are a bunch more crazy fun ideas over at CraftyWoodCutouts!

"Spooky," "Witch," and witch shoes wood cutouts

What will you slap some Mod Podge on for October?!

NOTE:  I was given the wood letters and embellishments for this project to play with at no cost to me. However I was not compensated in any other way.

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