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3 Tips for Spring Cleaning

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Nervous about what your house and yard hold now that the snow is melting and the cold is leaving? It’s around that time to whip out the cleaning and organizing supplies and and start spring cleaning!

In my home when spring comes, out come the yellow rubber gloves. Cleaning the house and yard is something I always try to stay on top of, but spring is when the overhaul happens.

yellow cleaning gloves2

I start with the usual pick-up. Anything on the floor that needs to be put away, folded, or tossed out needs to be put in the right place now.

Spring cleaning is a great time to give back to your local thrift store. There are probably a lot of things laying around your home that you never use. Why not reduce the clutter while helping out your community?

Next comes cleaning supplies. Windows are washed, carpets are vacuumed, and floors are mopped. Once this is done I organize room by room for as long as time will allow!

3 Quick Tips to Help in Your Spring Cleaning Adventures

  • Tackle the most pressing projects first. It’s the worst when you try to take on that one project you have always wanted to do, end up not being able to finish, thereby resulting in an even bigger mess for yourself.

  • Try to not use products with the words poison, danger, warning, or caution on them. If you have little kids around and there is a less-toxic alternative cleaning product I would suggest using that. You never know when a small child is going to decide that that blue liquid looks really yummy.

  • A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can clean up almost any mess, stain, or buildup. Honestly, I don’t know what my house would look like without them.

magic eraser

What are your favorite cleaning tips or products?

Links to photos: Magic Clean Eraser, yellow rubber gloves

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