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Easter: Making Family Traditions

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Family traditions are what keep a family together and involved. Easter is more than just a holiday for my family, it is a tradition. I have older kids but much younger nieces and nephews, so the traditions continue. We begin the night before Easter and celebrate with different activities from Easter morning until evening.

Fun Family Easter Traditions

Decorating Eggs

The kids still love to decorate eggs for Easter. Over the years we have dyed, painted, tye-dyed, drawn designs with wax then dyed, glittered, boiled decals and put stickers on our eggs. You name it, we have tried it!  We always have a great time gathered around the kitchen table.

Sunrise Service

I remember going to sunrise services as a kid and we have continued that tradition with our children. We get up before the sun and head to church for the sunrise service. It is a wonderful time as a family.

Easter Baskets

I have bought and prepared baskets for the kids. Every year I fill the basket with little trinkets, favorite candies, a chocolate bunny, and other items that the kids are into that particular year. The gifts have ranged from outside toys, guitar strings, Christian themed t-shirts to jewelry. The Easter Bunny even brings Mom and Dad a special treat!

Easter Lunch

Our traditional Easter lunch always consists of foods like spiral ham, potato salad, green beans, macaroni and cheese, fruit salad and delicious rolls smothered in butter. This fabulous meal is followed up by a fantastic spread of desserts, including a coconut cake shaped like a bunny. Whew! I need a nap just thinking about all the food!

Easter Egg Hunt

The favorite activity of the day, other than looking at the loot after, is the Easter egg hunt! All of the adult siblings get together for a multi-family egg hunt. We have a couple hundred eggs filled with candy, novelties and money! Most of the adults head outside to hide the eggs while a couple of adults make sure the kids do not peek. We have an easy section for the little kids and a hard section for the big kids. Once the doors are opened, the race is on! What if it rains, you ask? One of the best hunts I can remember was on a rainy day; we hid the eggs inside the house. It was so fun watching the kids! One year the eggs each had a letter on them. The big kids had to find letters A to Z before moving on in the hunt. When the hunt is over, all the kids go through their basket.

Easter is definitely a fun filled day of tradition for our family. As we enjoy our special day together, we talk with the kids about the real meaning of Easter: Christ!

What are some traditions that help teach your children the true meaning of Easter?

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Robin Greene wishes everyone a very Happy Easter!  Robin enjoys spending time with her family and friends, teaching Kindergarten and freelance writing for  With the sun shining bright you are sure to be taking your little one out to the park.  Make sure they are dressed in the most comfy baby clothes, with a cute baby headband or a baby hat to protect that delicate skin from the sun.

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