4 Great Ways to Show Gratitude to Friends


Is there a special friend in your life who has been there for you through thick and thin?  Do you want to find a way to let her know how much her friendship means?  When a simple “thank you” doesn’t quite seem big enough, here are some gracious ways to show your friend how much she means:

1.    Put It in Writing

You might not think that saying “thank you” is enough, but putting your words in writing may be quite meaningful, indeed.  I’m not talking about a Facebook post or e-mail (though those never hurt), but rather a good, old-fashioned, pen-to-paper handwritten note.  Why not include a box of lovely stationery as a small gift to accompany your heartfelt expression of gratitude for your friend?

2.    Create IOU’s

If there is one thing most Mama-friends have in common, it is a scarcity of time!  Rather than pick out a pricey gift that might just duplicate something she already has, why not consider a gift that speaks to what she really needs: a few extra moments.  Give her an IOU for free babysitting while she enjoys time with her spouse, bring her a few meals that she can pull out of the freezer at any time, or offer to run her errands for a week.

3.     Spend Time Together

If not saving her time, how about the gift of spending time together?  If your friend loves the outdoors, why not scope out a spot for a good hike or bicycle ride?  If she’s a girly girlfriend, how about planning for a mani/pedi Mom’s Night Out?  Spending time together doing enjoyable things is one of the best ways to show someone how much they mean to you.

4.     Help Others Spend Time Alone

Moms always talk about the value of spending time with loved ones, but what so many of us really want is a few precious moments alone.  To show your friend how grateful you are, consider picking out a special book that she has been dying to read (then hanging out with her kids while she reads it!).  A movie buff might love the gift of a Netflix subscription.  On demand, she can pick out her very own movie and spend some time in her own world, enjoying it.  You pop the popcorn (extra butter!) and take the kids to your house while she indulges in the flick.

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