6 Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

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6 Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Got hair?  Then this post is for you!  As a mom I am always running around like a chicken with my head cut off, which honestly leaves little time for actual hair dos-who's with me?  So today I am sharing a quick and easy hair style tutorial that makes me feel put together, a little bit like a rock star, and gets me out the door FAST! If you feel like trimming your hair would give you the best results, you can do so with ease thanks to products like Japan Scissors.

Braid, Twist, and Curl for Medium Length Hair

Introducing what I affectionately call the Braid, Twist, and Curl Hair Tutorial!  Oh and I have gathered 5 more hairstyles for medium length hair that are perfect for Moms!

Easy and QUICK Hair Tutorial for Medium Length Hair

Ok, seriously this hairstyle is soooo easy(because I totally do it)!

Step 1

I take the front part of my hair(which is my bangs)and make a big braid and then I make 3-4 additional small braids on the side of head as well.  Gather the braids and sweep them back and bobby pin in place.

Step 2

Take the additional hair on the back of your head and twist.  I usually do 2 twists to about 3/4 of the way across the bottom of my head.  Bobby pin those suckers as well.

Step 3

Curl the side of your head that is not braided, twisted or bobby pinned!  And seriously if you have used about 1 million and 1 bobby pins then you know you have succeeded!

I don't know why but I totally love this half hair down look!

5 More Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

And if this hair style is not your bag of tea check out these 5 other hairstyles that are simple and can be done fast on Medium Length Hair!

6 East and Quick Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair: Bed Head Tutorial Bed Head Tutorial by Maskcara

I don't know about you but THIS IS NOT how my bed head looks!  But I so I want it too!  This a great tutorial to get this easy "I just rolled out of bed" look!

6 Easy and Quick Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair: Half Up Half Up by The Small Things Blog

Sometimes pulling your hair halfway up is just want your hair ordered!  I love this simple yet elegant look that can be done in just a few minutes!

6 Easy and Quick Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair: Use A Scarf Use a Scarf by Keiko Lynn

Pulling your hair up is a no brainer, but adding a scarf?  Then you look like you put some effort in it!

6 Easy and Quick Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair: Pulled Back Fishtail Braid Pulled Back Fishtail Braid by Girl Loves Glam

Please tell me I am not the only one at night that dreams of a long cascading fish tail braid in their hair?  Just me?  Ok..well this is a great way to incorporate a Fish Tail Braid when your hair is not quite long enough to do it!

6 Easy and Quick Hairstyle for Medium Length Hair: Loose Braided Up Do Loose Braided Up Do

 More Braids?  Yes sir!  I love how this up do can go either casual or more formal and it looks fairly simple to achieve!

So do you take the time to do your hair or do you get it done as quick as possible and go?

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