Easy Exercise: Squeeze In An Ab Workout While Grocery Shopping

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Another fabulous way to squeeze exercise into while doing your weekly necessary grocery shopping. As Brigette Polmar says “This advanced move will have you grabbing great abs while grabbing your groceries!" We all want stronger abs to have a stronger core to make everything we do better including looking better for the upcoming swimsuit season.

Stand perpendicular to your cart facing the shelves with feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent. Engage your abs and push the cart away from you. Pull the cart back toward you using your arm and your oblique muscles (the abdominal muscles that run along the front and sides of your body). Your feet should not move. (See video.) Continue for at least one set of 12 on each side throughout your shopping trip. was co-founded by Jenny Hein, an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, and Brigette Polmar, a journalist and published author. Both are real moms working to develop real solutions for busy people who struggle to find time to exercise. Their production company Multitask Productions, LLC, recently released the Workout DVD featuring clever and effective exercises you can do while cooking, cleaning, commuting, playing with your grandkids, and even while grocery shopping.

Label Readers is one of six exercises featured on our new Grocery Girls Totes. Available in black and sand, this durable shopping tote is 100% recyclable and features a Clip ‘n Carry Exercise Card with descriptions of the exercises you can tuck in your bag or share with a friend.

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