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Baby Care: Diapers on Every Little Bottom Is the Goal

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Baby Care—Have you ever found yourself, when you had babies or toddlers, without diapers? Have you ever had that feeling of desperation? That is a feeling that 1 in 3 American parents and 1 in 5 Canadian parents in poverty feel on a regular basis, according to a recent study. This is a feeling that campaigns like Huggies Every Little Bottom are organized to prevent. Through direct corporate diaper donations, an invitation to the public to donate diapers to their local food or diaper bank, and a Facebook campaign, they hope to donate up to 22.5 million diapers to parents and kids in need.

During a MomItForward Twitter Girls Night Out (#gno) in June, which was sponsored by Huggies Every Little Bottom, our tweeters also teemed with suggestions on easy ideas for helping those parents, and their children, out:

  1. Host a benefit tea. @rookiewhitney says: "I helped my local non-profit HelpAMotherOut host a benefit tea to raise money for diapers."
  2. Cut extra diaper coupons and leave them in the store in the diaper aisle, from @frugalfamtree.
  3. Gather diaper donations from friends, then donate them. Says @rookiemoms: "Ask preschool or mom's group to bring diapers to an outing, then donate them." Some food banks require that you donate only unopened packages; others accept both unopened and opened packages. Check with them first.
  4. Donate to a diaper bank in lieu of a birthday party or shower gift, suggests @whoorl.
  5. Earn Huggies Enjoy the Ride reward points by buying Huggies diapers and wipes, and then donate them, suggests @frugalfamtree.
  6. Buy a pack of @Huggies Jeans Diapers, tweets @sunrae17, then take a picture of your toddler wearing 'em and upload the pic. For every photo added, a diaper gets donated by Huggies to Feeding America, Food Banks Canada, or a local diaper bank.
  7. Clip or collect diaper coupons, buy diapers, then donate them to a woman's shelter or other nonprofit. Amanda I want to start couponing more so I am able to get things for free and give them to people who need them."
  8. Involve your kids in the process of collecting money to donate or volunteering. @peekababy says: "My 5 yo has a charity/tzedaka (Hebrew word for "charity") box in his room next to his piggy bank so he can split any change he gets."
  9. Donate excess outgrown unused diapers to a nearby daycare, suggest @aprilfeather and @rookiemoms. "Ask the daycare people if they will keep outgrown diapers for moms who can't afford diapers! Problem solved!" says  @aprilfeather.
  10. Attend a diaper drive. See this Huggies link for upcoming dates and locations.

The one sentiment that was echoed the strongest throughout the party was that we, as moms and parents, are really all in this together. As @frugalfamtree puts it: "It's important to help other moms since we are a community and they way children are raised affects us all."

1 in 3 American moms have to choose between diapers for their baby or basic needs. What are simple ways to help moms provide diapers for their baby?

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TWEET FROM: SUNRAE17 Source:, Posted on: Jun 28, 2011 07:52 PM by sunrae17 RT @Huggies: Did you know that purchasing a pack of @Huggies Jeans Diaper this summer also helps diaper a baby in need?

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