Blogging Tips: Adding Social Networking to Your Post

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Social Media Icons such as Facebook and Twitter Blogging Tips—Have you ever gone to a site, been impressed with the content, go to share it with your social followers and there are no social options on their post? One thing that will keep a visitor from returning is not giving them the opportunity to share your content. Even if you are not active in social media yourself, it is key to give the option of popular social media sites to your followers on your blog or website.

Which one do you choose?

As you know, each site has its own vibe and feel. If your site has a fun feel, place the SexyBookmarks on there. The visual of the tabs peeking out will keep that funky feel to your site.

Not a plugin user or do not want to go overboard with options? Go with a TweetMeme or a Facebook Like button. Place it at the top of your post and you can offer the share option without have a full layout below your post.

Want to be sensitive to the countless social sites out there and do not want your followers to miss an opportunity to spread your content? Then go for something along the lines of ShareThis. You can choose which social media to have visual to the reader but still have the option to pick all the other social sites, including email.

Whatever plugin you decide to use, there are so many options to promote each other and other blogger's content, there is no reason to not take advantage of each opportunity to do so.

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How do you like to share blog content? What social media platforms do you prefer?

Mariah Humphries is a wife, mother to three handfuls, graphic designer, blogger, photographer, and addicted to all things Starbucks. She blogs at Humphries Nation where you can find her talking about faith, kids, and the randomness of life. When she is not watching a kids game or reading her Nook, she gets lost in social networking. She is also the one woman show over at Jula Studio as a print and WordPress designer.

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