Blogging Tips: Creating a Facebook Badge and Twitter Feed

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Twitter and Facebook logos Blogging Tips—We have all heard about Facebook and Twitter. These two social networking sites have taken our blog and websites by storm and there seems to be no end in sight with the possibilities. Just a few weeks ago, Melissa Lierman (AKA @TimeOutMom), told us why social media is key to a growing a blog and website.

If you are a part of Facebook and Twitter, then you should have a widget on your blog as well. These allow your visitors to be even more engaged in your site and it gives an insight to who you are as a social networker. Adding a badge is as easy as four steps.

Facebook Badge for WordPress

There are different directions to take to place a Facebook widget on your site, but here is the most common way.

  1. Log into Facebook and go to the link “Add a Badge to Your Site” at the bottom of your profile page (mine displays left under my friend list)
  2. Go to Badges Home and there is a list for you to choose a template.  The most common that I use on sites are the Like, Activity Feed, and the Live Stream, but you can choose whichever template suits your fancy.
  3. After choosing a template, you can make several edits to the badge {colors, fonts, size etc}.  Note:  the default is set at 300 for the width, so be sure to change the width for your site.
  4. When you have the desired template set, click on “Get Code” and copy/paste the code into your Text Widget in WordPress.

Twitter Feed for WordPress

  1. After you have logged into Twitter, scroll on down to the bottom of the page and hit “Resources”
  2. Click on the “Widgets” option and then the desired template {most choose Profile Widget}. Note: Some on you may have a page in between Widget and the templates that gives the option of choosing between website and Facebook. Just choose website.
  3. After you have chosen your template, customize to your creative heart’s desire.
  4. When you are satisfied with your look, you can give it a “Test” run or click “Finish & Grab Code” and then copy/paste into your Text Widget in WordPress.

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Do you have a Facebook and Twitter feed on your blog site? Why do you think it is important to engage with your visitors through social media?

Mariah Humphries is a wife, mother to three handfuls, graphic designer, blogger, photographer, and addicted to all things Starbucks. She blogs at Humphries Nation where you can find her talking about faith, kids, and the randomness of life. When she is not watching a kids game or reading her Nook, she gets lost in social networking. She is also the one woman show over at Jula Studio as a print and WordPress designer.

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