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New Year’s Eve: Celebrating The New Year and Embracing Changes In Your Life

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Change can be one of the most scary things in a person's life and yet we do it without a whole lot of discussion most of the time. Women will change product brands on a few items to get a better price, they'll also change jobs and careers when the situation there is too stressful. It’s not necessarily the change that is scary, it’s the unknown  of what comes after the change has been made.

Changes like getting married, having a baby, climbing the corporate ladder, getting a new house, or getting a make-over can actually be fun, but there are other changes that can make us very fearful. Changes like separation, divorce, and living on your own for the first time although extremely scary because of the unknown, may be the change you need no matter how difficult.

New Year's Day is always a big changing day for me since I get a little older every year and as each year passes, they get closer together. I think our fascination and celebration isn't about the changes or resolutions we plan to make, but that this is one change we all go through together. None of us know what tomorrow holds, but being close to friends and family on that day makes the transition a little easier. Let this day be a reminder that keeping friends close as you experience the changes of life, can make the journey more bearable.

This year, whatever changes you decide to make, no matter how easy or difficult, keep supportive people near you and remember you can make it.

What changes occurred in your life this past year? What changes will take place during 2016?

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