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We're big on doing crafts here, both with kids and without. Any excuse to break out adhesive of any kind, paper, and glitter, and we're there! Recently, a few of our favorite crafters got together during a MomItForward Twitter Girls' Night Out (#gno) sponsored by Plaid, and talked about what inspires them. Of course, Pinterest was frequently mentioned as a source for ideas, but you'd be surprised at some of these other oft-retweeted tips and fun craft projects:

Top Ten Tweet Tips and Craft Projects

  1. Don't be afraid to think outside the box in terms of idea sources. Consider turning to sites like Deviantart, a social network for artists and art enthusiasts (recommended by PinkPrincess928) or Google images.
  2. Check out some of our favorite craft blogs and people for inspiration: Tatertots and Jello,, and LoveMaegan. @CraftyChicky says these are her "go-to blogs." We also like
  3. Have patience with yourself when it comes to crafts, and remember that no matter what you do, it is perfect the first time. This is @BrianneLynn26's "number one piece of advice," echoed by many other tweeters. @LaraEllieG adds: "EMBRACE imperfection. Mistakes are what it's all about! (plus it's kinda control freak therapy!)"
  4. If you "fail," try again. @TheVSpotBlog says some of her best projects were a result of trying to fix a craft "fail."
  5. If you "fail," submit a picture of it to, a “friendly fail site” that celebrates the creative process, recommended by @ModPodgeRocks.
  6. Display, display, display. @BrianneLynn26 says: "We have a clothes line hanging along our hallway and we clothespin up the favorite artworks and then swap them out easy."
  7. Check out this super cute Valentine's Day project from @CindyHopper: Scratch-off Tickets.
  8. Check out these awesome birthday party decor and favor ideas, from @Candacki.
  9. Follow @VanessaSperry, who is a "crocheting fool."
  10. Check out this awesome sheet music letter project from @CountryChiccott.

The main thing to remember when crafting is to "create from the heart," as @Greek_Momma puts it, and enjoy it as a way to be kind to yourself.

What suggestions do you have for people who want to craft? What are your favorite blogs?

Photo courtesy of worradmu. Feature image courtesy of Flickr.

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