Daily Dose of Gratitude Photo Contest


The Mom It Forward “Daily Dose of Gratitude” Photo Contest is your chance to show what you are grateful for this November. With the holiday season right around the corner, this is the time of year when we think about what and who we are thankful for in our lives.

Take that feeling of gratitude and put it into action by submitting a photo and description of who you are grateful for (e.g. "I am grateful for ...) and why. You will be entered to win a daily, weekly, or grand prize from Provo Craft.

How to Enter:

It is quite simple to enter, all you have to do is submit a photo of that special someone/something and write who/what they are (e.g. "I am grateful for ...) and why you are grateful for them. Everyday, one winner will be chosen and featured on the Mom It Forward Facebook Pagewebsite, and/or newsletter. There will also be one weekly winner and one grand prize winner announced. Winners will receive a gift from Provo Craft! See the Official Rules for details.

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The contest runs November 1-30, 2012. The final entry submission deadline is November 30, 2012. Daily winners will be announced by 10:00 a.m. ET Sunday - Friday. Weekly winners will be announced every Sunday. The Grand Prize winner will be announced on the Mom It Forward Facebook Page December 3, 2012 and in our newsletter on December 5, 2012.

Provo Craft Prizes:

Provo Craft has some fun products to help you design your own personalized thank you cards. By entering the contest, you'll have a chance to be one of the following winners:

  • Daily Winners: This photo will be featured on our Mom It Forward Facebook Page and will receive a Cricut® Vinyl Pack of 2 colors. (ARP: $19.98)
  • Weekly Winners: One winner will be selected every week for a total of four weekly winners. Their photos will be featured in the Mom It Forward Newsletter and they will receive a Cricut Mini® Machine with a Crafting Tool Kit. (ARP: $149.98)
  • Grand Prize Winner: One grand prize winner will be selected at the end of this contest. This photo will be announced on December 3rd and will be featured on the Mom It Forward Facebook page and in the Mom It Forward Newsletter. This winner will receive a Cricut Mini Machine, Crafting Tool Kit, Cricut Cuttlebug™ Embossing Machine, 4 Cuttlebug Embossing Folders, and Cricut® Vinyl (2 colors) (ARP: $267.91)


I am grateful for all 4 of my children, however only the youngest son was the only 1 to ever make a self portrait. I have kept it framed for the past decade.

Jane M
Fresh meadows, NY

I'm grateful for you Buddy because you melt my heart to pieces!

Jen M
West Mifflin, PA

this man "colors" my world! He's always up for my last minute adventures!

Megan P
Layton, UT

Grateful for Family Reunions! When the photographer said, "Be Silly" We went for it! My family is awesome...

Carin T
Porltand, OR

This is my Meemaw and Big Daddy. I am grateful for them because of the wonderful example they are to everyone they meet. This picture was taken at the celebration of their 70th wedding anniversary! Such an inspiration of loyalty and perseverance. I wish everyone could have them in their lives. I am so blessed!

Sarah R
Artesia, NM

I am grateful for "Old Glory" the original American flag. Our flag represents the greatest nation on the planet & is recognized around the world.

Jane M
Fresh meadows, NY

I'm so grateful for my daughters, they bring joy and laughter to my life as I see the world through their eyes all over again!

tiffany c
harrison, NY

I am grateful for Hubby because even after 20+ years together including some very hard times he is still here by my side. I am grateful for how supportive he is of me in all of my endeavors, grateful for how sticks by me, and grateful for his love.

Robyn W
Saint Charles, MO

I am grateful for my brother & sisters because we are always there for each other through the good and bad times!!! Siblings make wonderful friends! We have a special bond!

Tinha F
Villa Rica, GA

Grateful for Outlaws and Inlaws! I've inherited 5 sisters through marriage. We can be a crazy silly bunch but wouldn't trade them for the world!

Carin T
Porltand, OR


#DailyDoseofGratitude Instagram Photo a Day


This time of year, there are plenty of things to be grateful for! What better way to recognize all of the little things that make your life great than a 30-day visual gratitude journal?

We would love to see the things you are grateful for captured in photos throughout the month of November. Snap a photo, upload it to Instagram, and tag it with the #DailyDoseofGratitude hashtag.


Gratitude eBook:

If you are looking for ways to teach your children about gratitude, look no further. Mom It Forward is giving away a free Gratitude eBook when you sign up for our weekly Newsletter. This eBook has 13 activities that will help your family focus on ways to bring more gratitude into your home.

Who are you grateful for and why? When was the last time you sent them a personalized thank you card?

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