Fall Home Décor: Three Quick and Easy Crafts with Sticks

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It's Fall. Yet another season of change. All summer we have used the great outdoors as inspiration for our home décor. Why stop now? Sticks have many purposes when it comes to décor. Here are three quick and easy décor ideas to fill your home this fall.

Start by collecting sticks and branches of multiple sizes and then get creative!

Vase on a table filled with branches and yellow flowers

Sticks in a Vase

Fill a vase. Flowers are with us for only a short time, so take advantage while they are still around. But sticks last forever! Use rice to keep the sticks in place. And, of course, if you do have some flowers, throw those in to add some nice color.

*This vase is simply an old clear vase painted with regular acrylic paint evenly coated on the inside.

Rainboots filled with sticks infront of a door

Sticks in Rain Boots

Fill some rain boots! Talk about great storage space, just turn them into décor! Use the same technique; fill an extra container, such as a vase, cup, or jar, with rice to arrange the sticks.

*Consider adding some essential oil to your rice to set the autumn mood.

Branch on a wall with a hat hanging on one of the protruding branches

Branch Hat Rack

Find a thick branch that has branches strong enough to hold whatever you wish to hang: coats, hats, keys, picture frames ... anything! Nail it into the wall in a few prime locations to keep it sturdy.

*I spray painted the stick black first and then wrapped some yarn around it for some color.

How do you use sticks in your home decor?

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