Disneyland and Justin Bieber: Planning a Sister’s Vacation to California

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Vacation—Typically, when planning a vacation—family or otherwise—I'd get a say in the agenda. Not this time. And for a very good reason. My youngest sister Brooke is, count them, 20 years younger than me. She just turned 21 and in celebration, my mom flew up from Guatemala and my three sisters and I met her in SoCal for a girls' trip. After the rush that was SXSW, I was happy to sit back and let someone else drive this party bus. And party it was.

Top 10 Ways to Guarantee a Successful Girls' Vacation

1. Wear matching shirts at Disneyland with the birthday girl's picture on them.

2. Skip through Disneyland arm in arm.

3. Watch Justin Bieber's Never Say Never movie in 3D while dancing in the theater.

4. Eat horrible Mexican food and laugh about it.

5. Even though the price is outrageous, spend the money to buy the picture of all of you in Space Mountain (the real one isn't this blurry, I promise!).

Laugh hysterically at the picture the rest of the trip.

6. Try on Minnie Mouse ears and take pictures of each of you in a different set.


7. Make sure to save room for a churro. I didn't and totally regret it!


8. Get a picture with Minnie!


9. Last but not least, get a Disney Birthday Button. Seriously! Everyone will tell you Happy Birthday! It's awesome!

10. Most importantly, be silly!

What would be your ideal sister's vacation? Where would you go? What would you do?

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