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Create a DIY sharpie watermelon mug and keep summer fun all year round.'s not only a favorite fruit in our household, but it's also trending HUGE in the blogging world these days! There are so many fantastic watermelon themed foods, drinks, crafts, DIY's and more. So we thought we'd share another fun option with this DIY Sharpie Watermelon Mug!

DIY Sharpie Watermelon Mug from Mom it Forward - So easy and SO cute!

I'm sure most of you have seen the fun mugs and ceramics you can make using Sharpie markers...and this is very similar. It takes about 15 minutes to make and then you pop it in the oven to cure and you're all set!

What You Need for a DIY Sharpie Mug With Watermelons:

  • White Mug (this mug was $3 at Target)
  • Sharpies in light pink, dark pink , light green/lime, dark green/kelly green, and black
  • Half circle stencil/vinyl/other tracing

DIY sharpie mug supplies

How To Create Your Homemade Watermelon Mug:

It's SO simple! Start by washing your mug well, and drying it thoroughly. From there, I added my half circle on the top of my mug and made sure it was positioned just right.

DIY watermelon sharpie mug - trace a half circle watermelon

Once positioned, I traced my dark green layer around the half circle. Then I added a few lines around it to thicken that area up a bit. You'll find that even the least artistic person (me) can still free hand a simple line around the "rind" of the watermelon.

DIY Sharpie mug - draw a thick line on the green half circle

Once I had added the dark green area, then I used my pink to color in the center. I alternated dark pink and light pink centers for a little added flair.

DIY sharpie mugs - Color pink on the inside of the watermelon

After the pink in added, I drew in the lime green area and the black seeds.

DIY sharpie mug - finished watermelon on the mug with cute little seeds

SOOOO easy, right? I did this spaced out nicely four times around the top of the mug. You could always continue the pattern down more or do it around the bottom...lots of options. I tend to prefer simple designs, so I thought it looked cute just the way it was.

DIY Sharpie Watermelon Mug - Easy and adorable, my favorite kind of crafts!

When you're done drawing on your mug you need to let it cure in the oven to ensure it doesn't wash off. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes and be sure to handwash only!

The only real question is, how many of these cute DIYs are you going to make?

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