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The new school year is coming quickly. Whether you're shouting from the rooftops or crying in your bowl of Ben & Jerry's, there's no better way to start off the year than to gift your child's teacher a sweet picture frame filled with a motivational print?

This colorful crayon picture frame may look complicated, but it's actually remarkably simple to create on your own. I promise!

How to Make a Colorful Crayon Frame


  • Wood picture frame
  • 2 boxes of crayons
  • Hot glue
  • Print


  1. Collect all of your materials and make sure the hot glue gun is heated up.
  2. Carefully apply hot glue to the crayon. I made to sure to place glue on the name brand of each crayon so that they all faced the same direction and didn't look like I was promoting a name brand.
  3. Press the crayons firmly on the frame until the glue has cooled and holds the crayons in place.
  4. For the end pieces, cut the crayons with a sharp knife to the length you need before gluing to the frame.

Here are the prints that I've put together that will work perfectly for this frame!

Download Prints Here

Being a teacher for a handful of years before staying home with my kidlets, I can say that I would have loved to receive this from one of my new students on the first day of school!

Do you give your kids' teachers gifts on the first day? What are your go-to gifts?

Katie is the owner and writer at Sweet Rose Studio, a blog dedicated to sharing and inspiring all things creative. Katie married her high school sweetheart in 2003 and since that perfect day, they’ve added two lovable, crazy kids to the mix and look forward to growing old together. You can also find Katie on Facebook,TwitterPinterest, and on Instagram at sweetrosestudio.

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