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Family Fun: Easy Summer Activity Ideas

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For many, summer is a time for family activities. Kids are out of school, families have made time for vacations, and, of course, the weather has warmed up! This combination has many looking for easy and enjoyable things to do as a family. So here are a few easy summer fun ideas!

Family Fun Summer Activities

Water play

This seems like a summertime tradition just about everywhere. It's great because it doesn't cost much money or planning (except perhaps adding a bit to your water bill). While beaches and pools are great, you don't need to have access to those to have summer water fun. Your family can have a blast just getting outside with the sprinklers, water balloons, or other water toys. You can even make your own water toys, like these DIY splash balls!

Get Outside Together

Depending on the weather in your area, there are a HUGE variety of outdoor activities to engage in together—hiking, camping, fishing, gardening, picnics/BBQs, etc. You can even engage in some related outdoor crafts, like making your own garden markers, DIY bird feeders, or a backyard fishing activity.

Family Game Night/Movie Night

With the kids out of school and the sun going down much later, summer lends itself to family fun nights. Pop in a family movie and make some fun foods. For some added fun, make it a themed movie night where the food and activities "match" the movie. Or have a family game night. This might just be some traditional board games inside or even heading out after dinner for summer fun outdoor games.

Summer Parties & Treats

Many people enjoy getting together with friends and family over the summer, whether that be for informal BBQs, playdates, or planned parties. Themed playdates and parties can really add to the fun. Beach and water themes are especially perfect for the summer. You could try making some beach sundaes or even some beach ball fruit pizza.

These are just a few ideas that are great in the summertime. But, of course, the actual activity doesn't matter so much, as long as you are enjoying some quality family time!

What are your favorite family summer fun activities?

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