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Holiday Family Traditions: Five Holiday Traditions for Your Family

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Personally, I am a Christmas connoisseur. I love the lights, trees, decorations, sparkles, and traditions. All of it! Here are five silly/awesome holiday traditions from my family to yours:

5 Fun Holiday Family Traditions

1. Watching A Christmas Story

On Christmas Eve and all of Christmas day, TBS plays A Christmas Story on repeat. My family and I all sit down and watch it on Christmas Eve every year (and maybe even once or twice again on Christmas Day!). They start playing it at 8/7CT on December 24th.

2. Gifting/Getting New P.J.’s on Christmas Eve

Thermal, onesie, homemade, oh my! Getting a new pair of jammies on Christmas Eve is one of my favorite traditions. One year, my sister Melinda and I wore our Christmas Eve P.J.'s all the way to my Grandpa's house in Phoenix, Arizona:

Two adult girls in onesie Christmas pajamas

3. Money Tree

Every year after Christmas Dinner, my parents fill box ornaments with various amounts of cash. Then youngest to oldest or oldest to youngest (switches every year) picks a box with some cash in it!

4. Look-a-like Christmas Stockings

I am the youngest in my family, with a ten-year age gap between myself and my older sister. Because my mom made the stockings before I was born, for most of my life I didn’t have my own look-a-like stocking like my siblings. One year as a surprise, my Mom made everyone in my family a stocking who didn't have one. I love this picture of my family’s reaction:

Lady looking at a new Christmas stocking

Matching Christmas stockings on the mantle

5. Sibling Gift Exchange

This is great for my big family. All you do is put everyone's name on a piece of paper and into a hat or bowl. Then pass the bowl around to your siblings and whoever's name they choose is who they give a gift to that year.

 What are some Christmas traditions you celebrate every year with your family?



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