Family Vacations: Top 10 Tweet Tips for Keeping Sanity on Vacation

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Vacations can be wonderful—oases of comfort in what can sometimes be the deserts of our work-a-day lives. But vacations with kids, even teenagers, can be a bit of a strain on the wallet and the brain, as we all know. This was the subject of a recent MomItForward Twitter #gno (girls' night out), where moms and dads alike weighed in on the humor, or lack thereof, in their vacation memories, and on ways they'd found to combat stress and save money.

Of course, since Universal Orlando was the sponsor of this party, many of the suggestions involved vacations involving theme parks. The many tips from their brand panelist @UORnews begin our list of top 10 tips:

Top 10 Tweet Tips for Saving Sanity on Vacation

twitter screenshot from @troypattee "from a parents POV, best way to transport kids is UPS (ground) :)

@uornews: "Check out and pre-plan all the attractions you want to experience w/our interactive maps We have 2 many activities 2 name! Take a look at what @parenthacks did when recently here: Univeral Orlando features 3 themed AAA-rated on-site hotels. Plus, skip theme park lines w/ ur room key! By staying on site you can stay on nap schedule! Check out more tips & tricks by @modernmami"

@colosciencemom: "We try to save money by eating breakfast in the room, then packing a lunch. Dinners out only. We prefer something with at least a small kitchen so we don't have to eat out every meal. VRBO is a great resource [for vacation rentals by owner]."

Dad with baby at Universal Orlando

@mariapilarclark: "While traveling, tech=BFF - the kids watch movies on portable DVD + BluRay players and use iPhones/Pods, too."

@ruckusmedia: "Our apps are great for keeping the kids busy while traveling."

@dineanddish: "I love the Child Swap areas at the bigger rides [at Universal Orlando]. That was such a cool feature for parents w/younger kids. They have these areas - some w/ TV's. 1 parent goes in w/ kids that can't ride while other rides, then you swap."

@themeparkmom: "My biggest tip is to STAY HYDRATED. It's easy to get busy on vacay and forget. Then everyone feels rundown and crabby."

twitter screenshot from @themeparkmom "my biggest tip is to stay hydrates. it's easy to get busy on vacay and forget. then everyone feels rundown and crabby

@timeoutmom: "Honestly, we INSIST that the BIG kids spend time with the LITTLE kids for their rides!! After family lunch ---> mom & little kids go back for naptime at hotel while dad + big kids stay at park."

@troypattee: "From a parent's POV, best way to transport kids is UPS (Ground) 😉 Also, best way to accommodate different age groups of kids and people with different interests is to plan ahead."

@garianne1: "You can actually rent houses for under $1oo a night in Orando, did that once, was great"

@carriewchildren: "With a 2 1/2yr old and an infant, in room sitters are a dream come true. $$$ but worth it Also, when traveling w/kids...I think it's important to remember melt-downs are going to happen! Lol. And, I like to bring tons of snacks and breakfast stuff. You can save a lot of $$ that way!

Vacations with kids should be happy, memory-making events, oases with a few more palm trees than average, if you will. Try these tips to help ensure that, and let us know what you think!

How do you make family fun and stress-free? How do you combat stress and save money during family vacations?

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