Feeding Time: Making Your Own Baby Food

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Baby Care—My baby is almost 6 months old. Where did time go? I feel excited, sad, emotional, but what else is new? I keep telling Chip to stop growing so fast and growing up so fast, but he’s been army crawling, rolling over, talking, and eating rice cereal, so I think that he has other plans.

It’s ok because I’ll just swaddle him until he’s in college. Is that weird?

So the six month marker is quickly approaching and we’ve already started a little solids, as in rice cereal, only once a day, just to get him accustomed to it, plus he eats lots of milk, so this has helped with supply and demand, if you know what I mean.

I’ve purchased myself a food processor (yes, I have a baking blog and didn’t have a food processor until now) and have been making the rice cereal. But now, I’ve got to get ready, roll up my sleeves, and get going on making some food for him, too. You see, because of our decisions on immunizations, and our lifestyle, we’ve decided that making all of Chip’s food is the best route for us. And although I’ve read what feels like a million blogs and comments about making our own baby food, I felt like you all were a trustworthy crowd.

How To Make Baby Food

Friends, I need your help! Here’s what I have to start this endeavor:

What I need your help with, if you would be so kind, are the following:

  • Spoons: Is there really a better kind? Why? What is it?
  • Freezing containers: I would love to make lots in advance so that I am not doing this each day.  I work at home, which means I never stop working so the less food prep, the better.
  • High Chair

And, I’ll be straight with you: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING! So what’s your advice?:

  • How do I know how much to feed him?
  • Do I offer the breast and then feed him, or the other way around?
  • What are you best tips and tricks for making your own baby food?
  • How often to I vary up the food? One type of food each meal? Two?
  • My doctor said to start with veggies. Another said bananas. Which is it?

Can you please help me? Comment here and we will start a conversation going. I know you’ve been there, are there now, or will be there, so let’s help each other! And I promise from time to time I’ll keep you updated on our progress!

Baby food photo courtesy of Flickr.

Bonnie Lewis blogs at Bonnie the Baker where she creates delicious dishes and discusses the journey of this thing called "parenthood". She is a professional writer and published author, as well as a social media expert. She has an M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary where her studies of faith and culture help inform her writing, baking, and child rearing. She loves ice cream, coffee and a good book. She is married to her husband Cy and has a three month old baby boy named Chip.

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